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How to Learn German Language in 25 days

Author: Prerna Mehta
by Prerna Mehta
Posted: Dec 07, 2019

Are you planning to move to Germany? Have you got your work visa approved? If yes, then you are all set to move. But, wait! Did you learn German? No? Worry not! This detail can slip through anyone’s mind. It is advisable to learn the language before you set foot in the country to save you from any trouble. Thanks to the German language institute in Delhi who offer crash courses to learn the German language.

Yes, the German language indeed demands a lot of hard work as it is a very difficult language to learn. After all, the German vocabulary is gendered, it has some very long words, and of course, the grammar is also not intuitive. But, there’s more about the German language that is easier than just being the toughest languages to learn. Certain techniques can assist you to learn the German language in 25 days.

We are here with the top six steps to help you learn German in 25 days. If you follow these steps with an intensive German language course you are ready to move to Germany in no time. Needless to say, these steps won’t get you fluency but at least make you able to hold a conversation with a native German speaker. Read through to find some amazing tricks…

Commit to Language Learning

Learning a foreign language is tough. At first, your goal may look a little further as you are wanting to achieve a lot in just 25 days. From the beginning stay focussed on your path to success and recognize that learning German would demand a lot of work, effort and time. Be honest about how much of hard work you are willing to put in.

A basic learning schedule can help you stay on the right track. That way you gain a sense of direction in your life which help you to monitor your growth. Try to learn at least 30-40 German words daily. It might sound like a lot, but pretty soon you realize that you have an improved vocabulary to work with. Think of it, you will know 900-1000 German words by the end of the 25th day!

Take an Intensive German Language Course in Delhi

As far as the grammar and rules are concerned, German cannot be learnt without expert guidance. If you want to learn German in a short period you need to enroll with the best German Language Institute in Delhi. By joining the German language institute you will get a much better idea of what to expect from German vocabulary and grammar.

The German teachers would examine your abilities to learn and accordingly teach you to achieve the goal in less time. Whenever you make a mistake your instructor will be there to correct you. You can bombard your teacher with questions for which you will get correct answers. Having someone there to guide is always a blessing. You may feel more at ease and learn German quickly.

Most of the German courses last anywhere from one to three months. After completing the one month course you might be able to direct your daily life in German with some assistance.

Total German Immersion

The value of a language is beyond just words and phrases. A language is much more like a mirror, that reflects a country’s culture into it. You need to appreciate it. Without making its culture a part of your lifestyle, you cannot learn German.

Don’t worry, it might sound scary but there are ways to adopt the German culture and appreciate it. Listen to local music, watch German series without subtitles, read folklores or famous German novel to establish your relatively with German natives. If you work hard and prepare well, you will start picking up the language in no time.

Speak Only in German

Learning German alone won’t help. Not until you start using it in your daily life. We suggest you start speaking in German with everyone if they are not able to understand then explain them the meaning. That way you will improve your speaking along with your grammar and vocabulary. Make everyone from your life a part of your German learning process.

You can always try joining German-speaking groups or take part in group discussion while enrolled in the German language course. Sharing your knowledge will only expand it. So, don’t hold back and speak in German only.

Watch German TV shows and Movies

Watching German TV shows and Movies will provide you with a better understanding of how the German language sounds. It will help develop an ear for the accent, the tone and the emotions attached to the words.

Watch previously watched shows with German subtitles or find a German dubbed version of it. This way, you will learn more effectively while having fun.

Success cannot be achieved in one day. One step at a time is all you need to remember. If you wish to become fluent in German, you need to practice, practice and practice.

Learn German Language with COPS

Learning a foreign language in 25 days might sound like a daunting task, but enrolling in with Classes of Professional Studies can guarantee your success. We also also provide short term course in Delhi If you want to speed up your German learning process, you might want to follow these tips along with taking a German Language Course in Delhi

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