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3 Reasons Why People Prefer Cremation Services Over Traditional Burials

Author: Meg Huerta
by Meg Huerta
Posted: Dec 07, 2019

Most people do not like to think about cremation. For these types of people, they prefer to bury a loved one by burying their bodies in the ground. However, the process of cremation has been around for a long time and has always been one of the ways for people from all backgrounds to deal with the dead. While some people are not interested in this concept, there are just as many that carry on using cremation as a preferred choice to traditional burials. There are a lot of good reasons for people to choose cremation as opposed to burying a dead body in the ground. Here are 3 of the more popular ones.

The Cost

Cremation costs far less when compared to traditional burials. While this might be a more obvious reason, some people overlook it. Traditional funerals often cost thousands which depends on how many details are included. Some people that opt for cremation might decide to purchase a casket, where there is actually no need for this added expense. Also, no burial plot will be needed for the cremation. This means there is also no need to fork out money to dig the grave, cover the grave, and then the maintenance that goes along with it. Cremation also does away with having to embalm bodies. This is something that also costs hundreds of dollars. Cremation will also not require the services of makeup artists or a specific dressing requirement. All these costs disappear with cremation.


For people that care about the environment, cremation is regarded as one of the greener alternatives. Traditional burials are linked to leaving behind a larger carbon footprint. By deciding not to take up land to bury your body in the ground, you are leaving behind more space for trees to grow and nature to thrive. There is also no need for chemicals like what is used for embalming, or the need for machinery to dig a hole in the ground to accommodate your body. This means fewer emissions into the atmosphere. Cremation is regarded as eco-friendly when compared to traditional burials.


The third benefit linked to cremation is that it provides you with more freedom. It means your ashes do not have to be placed in a specific place. There are also no requirements that they have to be buried in the ground. Some people buy urns where they store the ashes on the mantle, while others take them out to sea to scatter the ashes. This process returns your ashes into the ground or circulates the ashes into the water and air in comparison to placing a body inside the ground where it will decay and rot.

There are obviously other reasons why some people prefer cremation to traditional burials. These are only a few. Ultimately it is important to take into consideration what your loved one or family members want and to follow out their wishes. Cremation often becomes the first choice due to financial reasons, and in some cases when the person that died did not have burial insurance. Cremation also becomes a popular choice when there were medical bills that were excessive that still need to be covered.

However, cremation is not always perceived as something good. In certain religions, it is not allowed or frowned upon, while others are even scared when they think about cremation. Regardless of whether you or a family member choose a cremation because it is an eco-friendly option or a practical solution, it all comes down to personal preferences. We hope this post has helped you to understand some of the reasons why many people prefer cremations to traditional burials.

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Author: Meg Huerta

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