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Top 10 Basic Essentials For Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Author: Naveen Singh
by Naveen Singh
Posted: Dec 08, 2019

Marketing is a term which has many facets and this term has evolved over a period of time. The earlier concept of selling a product or a service has been overpowered by the concept of marketing. People are not interested in simply buying a product or service. Instead, they would like to associate themselves and be loyal to a specific brand. So, the aim should be to nurture customers and take the customer-business relationship to a new level.

Marketing, as a practice involves lot of effort through which an organization tries to build their brand. Customers are provided with information which makes the whole process of buying a pleasant experience. Regular interaction with customers, understanding their requirements, making the service available to them etc. is considered to be an integral part of marketing.

Organizations have marketing departments that are always on the lookout for new marketing strategies in order to push through the competition. In order to succeed in the competitive market, organizations strive to adapt to the change in demand of the customers, think innovatively and connect well to their people.

The invasion of social networking sites are considered to be a boon in this regard. The germination of the term social media marketing could be possible because of various social networking sites. These social networking sites have given the organizations an opportunity to connect to their people in a better way. Individuals or organizations have started using SEO, social media marketing as their new marketing tool and many have succeeded in this venture.

Social media marketing revolves around publishing various contents on a social networking site. These contents may include videos, text messages, images, quotes, questions etc. Carrying out a successful social media campaign is the ultimate objective of any marketing department. It is not as easy as it sounds. It involves a combination of writing good content, publishing it at the right time, targeting the correct audience and keeping the page interactive & interesting to succeed while going for a social media marketing campaign. Social media ads are generally interest based. If you are a student and have an interest in learning machine learning language then you may have come across machine learning training institutes near you or online machine learning course.

Listed below are the 10 most essential tips for a successful social media campaign:

Quality Content

This is the most important and the most essential aspect for a successful social media campaign. Identifying the target audience and framing the contents accordingly is very important. An organization or an individual should not always brag about their products or services. It is not always good to post what an organization would like to know or what are their future plans. The focus of a post should be reflecting customer requirements and every effort should be made to connect to the visitors.

Avoid Extensive Use of Hashtags

Appropriate utilization of Hashtags in the posts could turn out to be very beneficial. Relevant hashtags can be used in between the posts or in the headings. It should also be kept in mind that flooding the posts with Hashtags would make it appear spam and at the same time the real purpose of the post would be lost. It looks really annoying if hashtags are used extensively.

Discuss the Problem

If an organization wants to advertise or market their product in social media, it is very necessary that the real issues be addressed first. The issue that is prevailing, how their product would be helpful, their benefits etc.should be elaborated subsequently. This would help the visitors to gain confidence towards a service. It is not at all right to ask the visitors to buy the product directly which will obviously turn the experience sour.

Understand the Meaning Of Social Media

Setting up an account on a social networking site by an organization will not help in any way. The success of a brand on social media is directly related to how well it connects with its customers. Social media should not be considered as a strategy. Instead of using it as a marketing tool, one should consider it as a place where an organization or an individual can connect to their customers. Social media should be used to nurture relationships and to connect better rather than using it as a medium to market.

Perfect Timing

Publishing of posts should be timed perfectly. Organizations can research on the time zones according to their target customers and post accordingly. Posting an article early in the morning or late in the evening will not fetch readership. Similarly, there are seasonal businesses like skiing business in which online posts become more active on social media during winters leading to better business and slow down substantially during other seasons. So, timing is extremely important as far as a social media campaign is concerned.


The customers visiting a page, analyse and try to understand the purpose of a post. The content should be attractive enough which will force the visitor to take an action. Nothing comes for free and here also people would expect something out of their action. For an action or response to take place, brands should include incentives, freebies, awards etc. in a post. This would generate interest among people and the number of visitors would surely go up, making the campaign successful. The posts should be simple, crisp and direct while posting it on the status bar. People would not want to see complicated messages. The posts should be short yet conveying the correct message rather than making it long as a blog.

Catchy Graphics

Inclusion of attractive graphics on a webpage is very important. Images are more expressive than the text. So, visitors to a page would click on an image or on a video rather than reading the entire text. This will help to increase the engagement on a page.

Connect With People

This is an important feature of social media marketing. The social networking sites are not meant for mere selling. Instead, it is a medium where organizations bond with the customers. Posting relevant contents on the page is not sufficient to connect with people. Addressing the issues, responding to the queries, appreciating the comments and taking suggestions are also equally important in a social media marketing campaign. This would help people to associate themselves with the brand and respect towards a brand will increase.

Good Mix of Contents

Repetition of events could lead to boredom. Similarly, in order to keep the visitors hooked to the page, it is very important to put a good mix of content. Posting videos, images etc. on regular interval will keep up the curiosity factor. This will help in increasing the readership.

Call -to-Action

Visitors make decisions randomly and many a times would like to take immediate action. In that case, if a post won’t provide an immediate call on action tab, the chances of losing that visitor increase. The visitor may not get time to come back to the page. Thus, it is very important to include a call on action tab for immediate results.

Keeping these important tips in mind will help an individual or an organization to run a successful social media campaign. The success of the campaign will depend upon its quality and how well it serves the customer requirements rather than using it as a channel to sell!!!

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