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What To Know About Air Flow Switches And Flow Meter?

Author: Rakesh Kumar
by Rakesh Kumar
Posted: Dec 08, 2019

Nowadays, you get several different kinds of flow switches today in the market with so many specifications. So, it is very difficult to select the best one from the various suitable product which is set to your application. In this you have the better fluid controls gets a look for the best features of the flow switches.

While you are selecting the flow switches you need to understand the basics about these flow switches to choice. Have a look on kinds of flow switches devices that you should choose with detail information. If you are going to buy the flow switcher then select the Switzer Flow Switch which works well.

An air flow switch system is one of the devices that consider inside of the monitors to flow steam, air or liquid. Also, it used to send the "trip signal" for various device like a pump. The air flow switch can be intimate with every pump to open or close.

Some uses of Air Flow Switches:

Airflow switches will be used in air conditioning, pump systems, hot water heating systems, blending and additive systems, water-cooled machine, liquid transfer devices, fire sprinkler equipment, swimming pool chlorination, water processing systems and modern laser coolant methods.

These Airflow switches will also be used in cleaning the room which known filter systems, tube type heating, air supply devices, drain ventilating and air treatment equipment.

Functions of the airflow switch are here. It can perform particular functions depends on your need. For example, that can stop the motor when there is no flow will be present, and it starts an engine when their flow remains present, and it warns with an alarm if the flow is stopped or also it ends an alarm when this flow is relevant.

Specifications of airflow switches are:

Connection type : On-line type

Connection type: Direct-duct mount type

Max. temperature: 60OC

Max. air velocity : 2000 Fpm (10m/sec)

Min. temperature: 1OC

What is an Air Flow Meter?

An airflow meter used to measure the speed of airflow. It means that it measures the velocity of the airflow. Additionally, this airflow meters used to measure the air pressure. Few airflow meters even have the capability of identifying the directions of flow.

Different types of Air Flow Meter are:

There are mainly four types of airflow meters.

Hot Wire Air Flow Meter:

It uses one of the hot wire airflow sensors in the processes of measuring the rate of airflow. Certain sensors are made up of short, and circular-shaped platinum which is tungsten-like resistive coils that used to heat certain things with a specific temperature.

Those sensors are placed in the middle position over the air current. This flowing air will off the cool wire which may produce the problems its resistance before drop-off. That drop in some resistance of each wire gives a measure of the flow rate.

Vane Air Flow Meter:

It uses vane model airflow sensors which also used to measure the quantity of air moving through them. It comprises the metered vane that placed on the way of flowing air.

It can be connected to each spring and typically be placed under its rest state. But, once that air begins to flow, that vane will become displaced under some pressure of each spring. This deflection will be converted to voltage sign with the advice of some potentiometer then that used to define the range of airflow.

Cup Anemometer:

This type of airflow meter possesses an order of any vertical shaft that holds significant horizontal arms that carries four hemispherical cups. At any time that will stay at least in one cup direction at where the air will flow.

Pitot Tube Air Flow Meter:It is usually used in aircraft for the purpose of measuring the speed of the air. Well, it will be both impact or static in landscape or cantilever. In this, this pitot tube may include the two ports they are pitot as well as static. Usually, these pitot port will be inserted inside the duct to face some airflow.

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