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Author: Devid Smith
by Devid Smith
Posted: Dec 09, 2019

Many heating appliances or equipment like electric oven, electric furnace, electric heaters utilizes the electrical energy to produce the heat. In these appliance or equipment, heating element is used for converting the electrical energy in the form of heat. The working of this Heating Element is depending on effect of electric current. When a current is passed through a resistance, it generates the heat.

The Heating Elements are vital part in the industrial heat appliances with various additional benefits. You have to select the Heating Elements depends on the type and nature of the medium where it is used for. Also, sometimes it will be based on the type of alloy it must be constructed of. Although there will be different shapes, sizes and material based Heating Elements, all Electric Heating Elements have the same goal that convert the electrical energy to heat energy and then convert the heat energy to liquids, solids or gases through radiation, convection or conduction.

PartsFPS provides almost all types of Heating Elements which are needed for your any type of restaurant heating appliance. Generally, Heating Element is essential in industry appliances such as restaurant heating equipment, HVAC appliances, commercial food preparation, etc, Moreover, people are having the restaurant equipment from various manufacturers. So, for the sake of people, PartsFPS supplies Electric Heating Elements from top manufacturers. Here, we offer the parts at retail prices only.

Different types of Heating Element used in commercial, industrial and consumer applications are: quartz heating element, immersion heating element, infrared, flexible, ceramic, wire, metal-based, electric heating element, composite heating elements, metal based heating elements among many others. These have unique functionalities depend on their characteristics.

In the warehouse of PartsFPS, various Heating Elements are available which are designed and manufactured by top manufacturers. You can place order simply at PartsFPS for any needed elements.

In this blog, we have given the some important tips to extend the service life of an Electric Heat Element. Once look at this context to get an idea of How to maintain the Heating Element longer life.

1. First, understand the point that for every 1% increase in voltage, the result will be 2% increase in power. So, while purchasing a new electric furnace, be sure that accurately measure your plant voltage and convey this to the OEM to design them accordingly.

2. Look at the design limitation of the heating elements. In case, the accurate wattage is important, test the completed element design to find out the proper allowance for rise in resistance along with temperature.

3. If more power is required, either increase the diameter of the heating element wire or reduce the length of the element.

4. Estimate the cyclic nature of your application. Elements need enough space to move on their supports or hangers.

5. Do not place elements near to the bottom of a furnace or to a refractory shelf that expansion will effect them to rest on the refractory and potentially create an area where heat will not dissipate from the element.

6. Installation should be careful. Once check the terminal holes through the insulation are in correct alignment or not. The elements should be at center so that no part of the element's heating section is in the brickwork.

1. Heating Element Kit for Frymaster Part# 826-1795

Frymaster manufactures a complete line of Heating Elements for a wide range of applications. At PartsFPS, we offer a broad product line of Electric Heating Elements. You can purchase Frymaster 826-1795 Heating Element with low cost at PartsFPS.

Part Number: 826-1795

Name of the Product: Heating Element Kit 826-1795 for Frymaster Part

Manufacturer Name: Frymaster

Item Type: Heating Element

2. Heating Element - For Hobart Part# 00-185700-00006

Hobart designs and manufactures high quality Heating Element that is suitable for all Restaurant Heating Appliances. We are the leading distributor of Hobart Heating Elements in United States. Fast shipping of parts.

Part Number: 00-185700-00006

Name of the Product: Hobart 00-185700-00006 Heating Element

Manufacturer Name: Hobart

Item Type: Heating Element

3. Heating Element for Star Mfg Part# 2N-Z5948

PartsFPS is proud to supply reliable, high quality Star Mfg Heating Elements. Star Mfg is one of the best manufacturers of Electric Heat Coil at the highest quantity. Choose PartsFPS while buying Heating Element for Star Mfg Part# 2N-Z5948.

Part Number: 2N-Z5948

Name of the Product: Star Mfg Heating Element 2N-Z5948

Manufacturer Name: Star Mfg

Item Type: Heating Element

4. Heating Element - For Vulcan Hart Part# 00-927538-0002S

Vulcan Hart Heating Elements are similar to most elements which are used in the commercial restaurant equipment. Some of the Heating Elements made from Nickel Chrome Wire in a ceramic insulating binder sealed inside of a tube that made of brass of stainless steel. If you want to replace the Vulcan Hart Heating Element 00-927538-0002S, get it from PartsFPS.

Part Number: 00-927538-0002S

Name of the Product: Vulcan Hart 00-927538-0002S Heating Element

Manufacturer Name: Vulcan Hart

Item Type: Heating Element

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Author: Devid Smith

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