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Do You Think Any Of These Myths About Cellulite Are Really True?

Author: Sophie Powell
by Sophie Powell
Posted: Jul 26, 2014
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Cellulite is something which is always surrounded by so many myths. Some myths are so funny that you will end up just laughing like "Cellulite is something that an older woman needs to worry about, not me". And some myths have misled many women who have tried a lot to get rid of this cellulite but just ended at the same point where they have started. So it is really important for everyone to know the actual difference between the myth and reality when it comes to cellulite.

Here are the top five myths and the reality about cellulite:

Myth 1 : Cellulite is seen only in women

Reality : This is the funniest myth about cellulite as if only women have skin and men do not have skin. So the truth is irrespective of whether you are woman or man, you will have cellulite and you need to accept it. There is a lot of difference in the way the fat cells get stacked in the women body and men’s body. The main reason for cellulite is improper blood circulation and this makes the body appear bulged.

Myth 2 : Aged people are generally prone to cellulite

Reality : There is no specific age for the formation of cellulite. Anyone between the age of 15 to 60 can get cellulite. Cellulite formation is not at all dependant on the age. But the main reason why this myth has raised is as the age grows the skin becomes thin and the fat cells are invisible easily and another reason for this myth is as the age increases the weight tends to increase as the metabolism is not as so effective as it was when you were younger.

Myth 3 : Cellulite occurs only in buttocks and thighs.

Reality : There is a very common myth that cellulite occurs only at the thighs and buttocks but this is not true. The main cause for this myth is that these (thighs and buttocks) are the common areas where cellulite can happen but there are other areas of the body where cellulite can happen and they are stomach, arms and neck also.

Myth 4 : You can get rid of cellulite by dieting and exercise

Reality : There is another myth that exercising and dieting can be the best way to get rid of cellulite but this is just the myth. This is not true as this cellulite fat is different from the other fat cells in the body. These fats cells can be burned by exercising and dieting and get be let out through metabolism but cellulite fat cells are inside the tissue and they are no way connected to the metabolism of the body.

Myth 5 : Cellulite is caused only to people with over weight

Reality : The more is the body weight then the content of fat in the body is also more but it does not mean that the skinny people do not have fat cells. Even skinny people have fat cells and they are also likely to get cellulite. So you need to be careful.

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