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7 Interesting Things to Put on Your Pet’s Id Tags

Author: Steve K.
by Steve K.
Posted: Dec 12, 2019

Nowadays most people attracted to pet animals. A recent study found that 65% of people are owners of pets. We all love our pets and want to make sure we do each and every possible thing as a pet parent to keep them happy, protected, and healthy. If you’re one of them the best way to protect your pet it by adding custom pet tags. Here we have all the amazing ideas which you can use on your Pet Id Tags. Normally, pet owners like to add Pet Name, Owner Name, Address, City, and Phone Number on their pet ID tags but there are many other options that you can add. Also, here are the real use of adding Pet Name, Owner Name, Address, City, Phone Number and such other elements on Pet Id Tags Aus.

  1. Your pet’s nameMany people argue passionately against adding pet names on ID tags. The main argument is that there are a lot of bad people around us and they are trying, for various reasons, to steal dogs. With the dog's name on the ID tag, any stranger can call your dog by his or her name and it becomes easy for them to gain the trust of your pet and it results in easier dognap of your pet.
  2. When someone reads the name of your pet on their pet ID tag, means they pretty much already have your dog. Here you need to be more careful and not to call your pet by its real name at the dog park. Also, there are chances that a good person finds your lost pet and with the help of pet ID he talks with him using the pet name and your pet may like that.

  3. Your name There’s not a huge argument here, let’s assume that you own a big, goofy basset hound breed dog. If someone called you and say that they found a cute yet big, goofy basset hound breed dog, everyone should be able to connect the dots and without asking the owner’s name.
  4. AddressWithout any doubt adding an address on your Custom Pet Tags can be very useful. When someone finds out your pet on your block, it becomes easy for them to walk your pet home faster than getting you on the phone.
  5. City and stateIt seems to be little downside to adding the city and state where you live on a Pet Id tags in Aus. Knowing what city you and your pet are from is helpful but nowhere near as helpful as your actual street address.
  6. Cell Phone numberNowadays it becomes important to add a phone number on your pet’s new tag. As you're likely to answer all your call while you are not with your pet or finding your lost pet. Consider adding more phone numbers makes easy for you to reach your pet.
  7. Medical Information There are many breed pets who require to take daily medication and when you lost your pet the person who finds your pet know that, adds a sense of urgency to the return of your pet. You can also add all the other physical conditions such as deafness or blindness is a kind of valuable information for people to help your pet to reach you.
  8. Microchip infoThe majority of pet animals are microchipped. Some people suggest adding the microchip number and more importantly, the name of microchip company on custom pet tags. They suggest it because, when scanned at a vet clinic or shelter, a microchip sends out a long number between 9 to 15 unique digital numbers. It becomes a meaningless number if you don’t know about the company. By printing the chip company’s name on a pet id tag makes it easier for a person to reach the owner of the pet.

When your pet is lost, the information you choose to engrave will determine how easily you can be contacted. As per the Pet Id tags Aus provider there are risks engaged with all the tagged information but that risk seems smaller when a proper identification tag does its job and reuniting a pet with his or her real own or family.

Lost your pet? Or want to protect your pet from a stranger? By adding the right information on your pet ID you can protect your pet animal or help your family to reunite with your lost pet.

The author is a successful contributor to the pet health network. He is also contributing to pet news and pet care tips on the various platforms to spread awareness about pet care.

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