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8 Tips to Choose Images for your Website

Author: Morgan Arron
by Morgan Arron
Posted: Dec 23, 2019
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Images are the visual aid for the website design. Experiment deleting the images from your website and see how quickly it loses its charm. Whether you agree or not, images add beauty to your site. Without images, your website would have no weight.

Considering this importance of images, it’s therefore important that you spend time researching the right images for your website. Here, the right images don’t mean picking up from Shutterstock or Getty Images. It means choosing the relevant, realistic, unique images, powerful and actionable images.

So, there are certain tactics when you’re shopping or capturing images for your website. This blog will cover those tips.

Let’s dive in.

1. Brand Relevance

Brand competition is growing bigger and better today. You can’t win the game with the non-realistic, vector or stock images. You should sound real, related and relevant to your brand.

So, let’s say you have a business to run, so how about covering the original photos of your business on your website? It will connect with your audience more as compared to the stock images.

2. Actionable

Like that of the Houston web design agency, you have to sound actionable with your images. These images are the one which persuades your visitors to buy. They are better than you long-form of text as it conveys more in by having less like an image with a captivating line. Take this example of Burger King, who is best playing with the images and delivering to their audience.

These kinds of images tempt your audience to buy from you or hire you. So, actionable images are a must to adopt on your website.

3. Images that can Replace Text

If the part of your website design can get more creative with an image instead of text, then use it. It will increase the credibility and beauty of your website and persuades your visitor to perform the action.

It also shows your creativity and makes you different from the rest in the competition. Images hook visitors on your site more often as compared to the text-based website.

4. People

People's photos sound more realistic than visual elements. It boosts the conversion ratio of your business website. Now, here people don’t mean stock images or fake people photos. To make it more authentic, use your team photos and deliver what you do.

All the famous and successful brands show their real team on the About Us page. Real photos make the audience believe that you’re authentic and you carry a real journey.

5. Your Customer Stories

Covering your customer’s stories through pictures is also an effective way to attract business and grow your website. It carries the visitors' emotions and makes them connect to your brand. So, it’s also a good idea to grow your brand presence through the storytelling of customers via visuals.

6. Emotions

The pictures that carry emotions connect with the audience more. Imagine a customer happily rewarding you after getting your services. Will it persuade the audience?

Yes, definitely! Emotional pictures carry more weight as it delivers experiences by sounding real. In the coming years, you’ll see more emotional pictures on the websites rather than unoriginal images.

7. Quality

A picture captured from a professional camera is worth more than that of a mobile. So, the pictures you place on your website should have the HD quality in it. The low-quality pictures are bombarded with pixels on the zooming.

So, taking care of quality is essential. It also looks impressive and displays professionalism on the website.

8. Capture It

Never complain that you don’t have a picture and you can’t find it on the Internet, go out and capture a real-time image for your website. Trust me, it will gain more traffic and a loyal audience to your site.

To Conclude in Words

Keeping these best tips in mind, never take your images for granted as it's going to gain superefficient results for your business. Be creative, unique and persuasive through your images.

I hope you are now ready to optimize images on your website following the above-mentioned tips, aren’t you?
About the Author

Morgan Arron is a creative web designer at Branex company who has assisted countless clients to overcome their web issues through her precious design.

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