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Few important languages used in Data Analytics

Author: Arohi Patil
by Arohi Patil
Posted: Dec 15, 2019

How data is handled? We all know data is present in huge amounts, but how to handle it? How to use it for productive results? How to use it for marketing? Answer to this is data analytics. It is a process in which a data set is analyzed to find insights and making decisions to ease our life. Data analytics is believed to change the style of business in the future. It will play a significant role in business. Its main aim is to allow marketers to find the pattern and get those insights from the data collected in their server. With data analytics, a company can market their product to their targeted customers.

Benefits of Data analysis

The quality of data is improved; errors are corrected and benefit the banks, companies and other institutions. Data analysis helps in removing the duplicate data for better analysis. So a huge amount of memory space is cleared and accuracy of the results is gained. Advertisements are displayed to the customers according to their browsing history. Here the Machine learning algorithms are used which use the data set, which is provided with the help of data analytics. So the company’s productivity increases with advertisement. Frauds in banking are reduced now with the help of data analytics. A bank uses data analysis to check the previous records of a user and accordingly lend loans or credit cards to them. Security agencies use it for monitoring purpose. Data is present in huge amounts in all fields, so it has implementation everywhere.

A data analyst should understand the objectives and business direction well. They are expected to determine the goals of the organization and able to mine the data which is nothing but data mining. They should explore the figures and numbers in data and find the meaning in them. They should also be capable of cleaning the data. A technical insight is expected as a result of the data. After cleaning the data, their job is to analyze the data and understand the behavior of trends and patterns. The last part is creating reports based on manipulated data and presenting them. A data analyst should put forward educated opinions during the business decisions.

To implement data analytics some tools are required. There are a few important languages used for implementation.

1. R programming language: It is an open-source language, easily available on various platforms. It is mainly used for data analysis and statistical analysis. The library present in R is used to predict the values as it has more statistical components, graphical techniques, vectors. The advantage of using R for data analytics is its powerful scripting language, speed, complex calculations in seconds and it can handle millions of records.

2. SQL: A structured query language is used to handle database and for database management systems

3. Python: A simple and very powerful general-purpose programming language. It has lots of libraries that are predefined functions so to implement some functions which are part of data analytics.

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