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How to fix Spotify not Responding

Author: Anna Here
by Anna Here
Posted: Dec 20, 2019

We can’t think of a worse situation then settling down to listen to your new playlist or putting together a few tracks for that wild party you’ve got planned, only to find that the Spotify application isn’t responding. Now, this problem could be due to one of many reasons. Spotify might have updated- something that often tends to cough up of a few minor bugs or issues. Alternatively, it might be an issue on your end- from your protective Firewall to your antivirus software. Before you start complaining to Spotify’s customer service, why not given your solutions a quick try.


You restart your computer and click on that green spotify icon to see if it works. If your spotify application is not loading despite the restart, we’ve got a few extra steps you can take before you truly reach the point of no return!


Sometimes, however, our firewall and antivirus software are a bit to protective with our system. All you’ve got to do his head on over to your firewall or antivirus software settings. Which software you have, they are give you the option to block or unblock to certain programs. Simply unblock spotify or add it to your list of "allowed applications". Once you’ve done so, click on the spotify icon and see if the spotify application is still not loading.


Your spotify application might not be respoinding-or opening –simply because you’ve already got the application running in the background. If this is indeed the case for you, there’s a quick and easy way to find out. All you’ve got to do is:

Simple press "Ctrl+Alt+Del" and select Task Manager; a dialog box will then appear. Once it’s up, simply select the processes tab and look for "Spotify.exe".

If it’s there, check on it and select "End process". After doing so, try to open spotify.It is open successfully, then we’re all done and you do not have to bother with our other solution.

Reinstall Spotify

Just like restating your computer is one of the most obvious solutions to general program issues, reinstalling in also another answer to your spotify problem. While it might not sound like the easiest solution, reinstalling a program can- more often than not-solve all issues. So, all you’ve got to do is follow the nest steps for your relevant platform or device…


  • click spotify in your menu bar and select Quit spotify
  • open finder> Go> Library
  • open caches and delete "com.spotify.clint" folder
  • click back and open application support
  • delete the spotify folder
  • Finish by downloading and installing spotify.


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