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FAQs for Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

Author: Libby Watson
by Libby Watson
Posted: Dec 21, 2019

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate also called Landlord Gas Safety Record or CP12 is a legal certificate that is to be held by all rental accommodations in the UK according to the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. Not having a valid authorized Gas Compliance Certificate can lead to penalties and fines by the Government.

Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which will help you to understand the Gas Safety Certificate-

1. What is a gas safety certificate?

It is a legal document that can only be awarded by Registered Gas Safety Engineers who inspect the accommodation and testify that all the gas appliances in the shelter are safe to use. This safety check is done to ensure that gas appliances and accommodation are safe for the tenants. The landlord gas safety checks prevent the risks of illness or even death that may be caused by explosions and Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas leaks, which might occur due to faulty gas appliances.

2. What is a CP12 Certificate?

A CP12 is just another name for the Annual Gas Safety Certificate. This name dates back to the time when CORGI was the body responsible for the Gas Safety in the UK, and so the certificate was called as the CORGI Proforma12 or CP12.

However, now the Gas Safety Register is the official body for Gas Safety in the UK. But it is still widely referred by people as CP12.

3. Who needs a Gas Safety Certificate?

Anybody who is renting out a property or a part of it to another person, be it for personal use or commercial use, in exchange for cash or kind, is required to possess a valid Gas Safety Certificate.

Gas Safety Certificates are needed by-

  • Landlords leasing their property or a part of their property
  • Hotels, lounges, motels or any commercial accommodations
  • Schools and colleges
  • Boarding and residential colleges.

4. What is the cost of a Gas Compliance Certificate?

A Gas Safety Certificate doesn't have a fixed price as it depends upon the property to be inspected and the number of appliances to be checked. It may also vary depending upon the engineer you choose. Most engineers charge the cost per appliance. So more the number of appliances, higher will be the cost of the certificate. On Average, the certificate starts from 30-35 pounds sterling.

5. What is checked during Landlord Gas Safety Checks?

A Gas Safety/ CP12 inspection will check all the Gas appliances that are owned by the landlord, which includes heaters, boilers, cookers, etc. The inspection involves the following-

  1. Checking the Gas appliances for gas tightness, standing and working gas pressure, and any other faults in the appliances.

  2. Checking the proper ventilation provisions in the property to avoid suffocation.

  3. Checking for any kind of gas leaks.

  4. Testing of flue flows to ensure the removal of products that may cause combustion.

  5. Checking that the safety devices are working efficiently.

The inspection only involves the checking of the items that are owned by the landlord to grant him the certificate. Any devices which are brought in by the tenants are not checked. However, the tenants should also be encouraged to get their devices checked to ensure the safety of their lives and properties.

4. What if something fails a landlord gas safety checks?

If an appliance fails the Gas Safety Check, then the certificate will not be granted until either the faulty appliance is repaired or removed. The appliance and its defects are noted down by the Gas Safety Engineer who will disconnect the device from the main gas supply.

6. Who is liable to pay the Annual Gas Safety Certificate Check Cost?

It is the original owner and the landlord who is liable to pay the cost of the Landlord Gas Safety Check. Irrespective of whether the tenant is using the property for his use or subletting the property, the legal responsibility of the Gas Safety Check and its cost are to be borne by the owner.

7. Is my tenant liable to give access for the safety check?

Yes, the tenant is liable to give access to the property for a safety check. However, he should be provided with a notice at least one week before the inspection. The minimum notice period required is at least 24 hours before the examination. It's always better to have the maintenance and safety check clause specified in your contract to avoid any problems.

8. What if a tenant refuses to give access to the gas safety check?

Since it is the responsibility of the landlord to get the Gas Safety Check done, the landlord has to try his level best to convince the tenant to give access to the property. In case of refusal by the tenant, the landlord should explain the tenant about the importance of the safety check and the dangers that avoiding safety checks may lead to. All the attempts by the landlord should be documented and recorded by the landlord. However, if the tenant still doesn't cooperate, then the landlord should report the matter to the legal authorities.

Note- Even if the tenant denies access to the property, the owner still doesn't have the right to trespass forcefully into the property.

9. For how long is a gas compliance certificate valid?

A Gas Safety Certificate/ CP12 certificate is valid only for 12 months starting from the day the certificate is granted. You need to arrange for a new inspection every 12 months. No grace time or extensions are provided after the expiry date of the certificate, and any mishap after that will make you liable for it.

Hence it is necessary to always keep track of the date of validity and expiry of the certificate.

10. What will happen if I don't get an annual gas safety certificate?

Maintaining a valid Gas Safety Certificate/ CP12 Certificate is a legal responsibility failing, which can lead to severe penalties. The fine may be as high as 20,000 sterling pounds in addition to the court costs. You may also be subjected to a punishment of almost six months in prison.

In case of any mishap that may lead to injury/death of any person, it is regarded as a criminal offense, and the landlord is subjected to unlimited fines and criminal charges.

Therefore the Landlord Gas Safety Checks is not merely a certificate/ document but it is a matter of safety and care, overlooking, which may lead to dangerous and hazardous consequences. So be a responsible landlord and ensure the timely performance of the Gas Safety Check and other inspections to ensure well-being you can ask London Property Certificates to get a gas safety check done.

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