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Tips for Innovative Brochure Printing Singapore

Author: Iprint Sg
by Iprint Sg
Posted: Dec 21, 2019

We are trending in the digital age with online and digitalized system. But brochures are still a popular and effective way to broadcast your message, promote your brand, products, and services into the market. A well-designed brochure is a collectible item with captivating visual effects comprised of product-specific information featured.

Printing offers people to explore something better by experiencing flicking and handling physical printed material. People still value and prioritize the physical presence of printed material like newspapers, magazines, and brochure content.

IPrint is a well-known company that offers Brochure Printing Singapore services. Their state of the art printing solutions helps to capture the attention of potential customers through innovative printing marketing material. Having a business brochure or leaflet can effectively showcase your brand and what it is all about. Print media is more substantial compared to digital media. Readers or audiences tend to retain extended information when consumed through print material. When reading a physical copy, the audience is engaging themselves from a flipping page without interruption of ads, stickers, badges, and much more.

If you want to promote your sales and effectively serve the purpose of a brochure, you need to know the following points:

  • Use cover- The cover creates impressions of your brand to the customers. It is said that the first impression is the last impression, so it is with the brochure. Make it captivating by adding images, graphics that are sharp and clear. Don't clutter it with graphics, text, or pictures; just let it be short and straightforward. Use appealing headlines that will entice readers.
  • Don't DIY- Every professional
has mastered their skills in something. If you are not a designer or expert in a task, get the help of professional printing services such as IPrint. Be assured that you won't regret paying a professional. Poor design and inappropriate content can result in a big pitfall. A brochure that is well designed and well written will withstand in itself over time.

  • High-Resolution Images-The The images that you use should be at least 300 DPI of resolution for any size they lie on the brochure. Though photographs are sharp and crisp on-screen, it may look blurred when printed. You can seek advice and support from the professional printing team of IPrint.
  • Don't degrade your print quality- People always look for cheap services no matter the quality, but with a brochure, we suggest not to compromise on quality. Once you degrade the class, you would lose your reputation and image of the business. Always use
A5 brochure printing instead of low-quality paper. Poor quality paper will turn off people towards your business. Look at the website and see an extensive range of documents supplied by the IPrint. You would also get some great samples of brochures printed for previous customers.

The type of material you use for brochure justifies a lot about your business. Choose materials that would give your customers feel for your company. When you use recycled material, it would add a positive impression of your business by justifying being environmentally friendly.

  • Consider Folds and cuts - A tri-fold brochure is the most opted and fashionable design for a handout. The booklet can be unfolded to exhibit the content within. The folds are tempting to reveal the whole thing and make it attractive for marketing campaigns. There are inventive cuts and designs, like creating windows on the cover of the brochure.

As a final tip, we would suggest you assign your Brochure Printing Singapore in the right hands. A company like IPrint is incredibly efficient in printing brochures with different formats, designs, cuts, folds, and content. They use innovative techniques and think outside the box to make a brochure more interactive.

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