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C++ Vs Python: The Best Ever Comparison Between OOPs

Author: Call Tutors
by Call Tutors
Posted: Dec 22, 2019
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C is one of the most popular and widely used generic programming languages. It is used to develop complex systems that require hardware-level coding. But C is not as portable as other high-level programming languages.

You must compile the C-code every time if you want to run it on another computer. It is having many similarities with the language C. Bjarne Stroustrup developed C. at the end of 1979. It is one of the most powerful high-level programming languages. Most programmers call it "C with classes".

Uses of CWhen we talk about coding at the hardware level, then C is the developers' first choice. It is used to produce almost all embedded systems. e.g. smartwatches, stopwatches, multimedia systems in cars, electric car systems, IoT devices, etc.We can also develop high-performance microcontroller servers and programs. Microcontroller programs can be found in factories.The development of the game is the key to the C. That's why C's is becoming more popular among game developers. We can create 3D games, multiplayer and many other types of games using C. One of the main Unity game development frameworks is also written in C.It is also used to create the compiler for other programming languages. Did you know that almost all programming language compilers are created with the help of C.PythonPython is the most powerful generic programming language. It is widely used in machine learning in big data technologies. Python was created in late 1991 by Guido van Rossum, the Dutch programmer. It is the only programming language in the world that has the best readability of code. When python was created, it was built with the reason to make its programming easier than any programming language.

Python code depends on indentation in addition to complex structure. Other than that, Python is an interpreted language. This means that python code should not be converted to machine language at run time. Did you know that Python is still one of the simplest programming languages in the world.

It's pretty close to the pseudocode. Therefore its code is quite readable and beautiful. In addition, it has many libraries that make it extremely powerful. Python's popularity is making it the most desirable language in today's industry.

Uses of PythonPython is widely used with machine learning. In other words, Python code is compatible with machine learning. Therefore, the program created with Python has machine learning capabilities. On the contrary, it is helping in various sectors such as retail, banking, aerospace and many others. It helps to get useful information about the business to make plans.When it comes to the data analyst, their first choice is the Python programming language. The reason is that Python has the ability to handle the huge amount of data in a simple and cost-effective way. Data analysts use it to analyze data and statistical information.Web developers also use Python to develop the more complex web application. Python offers the Django framework. You can also create entire sites using Python, but it's quite challenging.Python is also useful in big data technologies. Most significant data functions can be performed using Python programming.C ++ Vs PythonCode lengthC-based c-uses the default structure to write code into it. It means that every time you start writing code in C, you have to follow the structure. Therefore, the code written in C-plus becomes longer than Python. But wait for C&C offers fast prototyping capabilities.

With this feature, you can code in C&C at a rapid pace. On the other hand, Python does not have a default structure. Therefore you can write simple code in Python and make your code much shorter.

FlexibilityYou're using the compiler to compile your code. Therefore, it does not allow you to run the same code on other machines or operating systems. If you want to run the same program on different computers. Then you need to compile the program on other machines to run it.

On the other hand, Python uses the interpreter to execute the code. Therefore you can run the Python program on almost any computer or operating system. But Python should be installed on your computer.Ease of learningThe C&C is quite complicated when it comes to learning. It has many predefined syntax and structures. On the other hand, Python is close to simple English. Therefore it is easier to learn. The C&C works very close to the hardware; therefore, an incorrect C-program can destroy the entire system. If we talk about the build steps, Python has the number of build steps that depends on the length and functions of the code.

On the other hand, Python has zero build steps. You can run Python code simply by typing the name of the program with extension. As a beginner, you can find the best community support for Python because Python has the largest community of any programming language.

You can also find Python's documentation on its official sites. If you have problems with Python, you can ask for help directly in its community. On the other hand, C&C doesn't have well-written documentation. But it has the community to solve the problems of programmers.

SpeedIt is the key of every programming language. Speed matters a lot when it comes to real-time systems. Today, many industries work on real-time systems. Therefore, the language must be fast to run the systems in real time. It's faster than Python. Python is slower because it is also written in C language.

Memory managementMemory management is quite complex in C. Allows you to allocate memory to new variables and allocate memory from the variable when it is no longer required in code. If you don't do the same, then there are also chances of memory loss in C. Because C-C doesn't support garbage collection.

On the other hand, you don't need to allocate and deallocate memory in Python. Because Python does it itself, it does the memory management work with the memory allocation function.

ReadabilityThe readability of the C-code is weak compared to Python. The reason is that the C&C has many syntaxes that are absolutely overwhelming when it comes to readability. The C-Plus also lacks indentation rules. So the code is like garbage in some places.

On the other hand, Python has more English syntax like. Allows indentation rules; therefore, the programmer can keep track of each open parenthesis. We explain readability with the help of a simple example.

CHelloWorld class



void PrintHelloCalltutor ()


std :: cout

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