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How Do I Apply For Oman Embassy Attestation?

Author: Deep Bhong
by Deep Bhong
Posted: Dec 26, 2019
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Oman Embassy Attestation

Oman is one of the richest economies in the world. Living in the country or even studying or working is a dream for many. It also provides a wide scope to the businessmen looking forward to expanding their business. Well, there are certain mandatory requirements to be fulfilled, one of them being Oman embassy attestation.

Understanding Attestation

There are different types of documents required for various purposes. When it comes to attestation, it is generally required for the issuance of long term visas like the resident permit, student visa, employment visa, and similarly few others. The main reason for carrying out attestation is to approve the documents of their credibility. It may even take up to several weeks and can prove to be quite confusing. And hence, the attestation process requires professional assistance.

Oman Embassy Attestation Procedure

Documents are classified into three types - personal, educational and commercial. Therefore, the process for all three types will differ. Given below is the general procedure that is followed for acquiring Oman embassy attestation:

  • Regional Level

    This is the most basic and the initial level of certificate attestation for Oman. The departments will vary as per the type of documents that are to be attested.

    • Notary

      Personal documents are attested by the local notary and a stamp is provided on the backside of the document. When not for international purposes, this is generally a sufficient kind of document certification.

    • Board/University

      For educational documents, the issuing Board or the University is responsible for the regional level authentication of the certificates.

    • Chamber of Commerce

      The Chamber of Commerce is an organization that is specific to regions and is formed by the businessmen in that particular region as well. The commercial documents are attested by the Chamber of Commerce and the Chairman generally signs or stamps the documents confirming their genuineness.

  • State Level

    There are different organizations here as well and the duties of each of these will differ for Oman attestation as well. The departments are Home Department, Human Resource Department, also called as HRD Ministry, and Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM). Personal and educational documents are attested at the state level; commercial documents do not mandate any kind of state-level authentication.

    • Home Department

      Generally, the personal documents are attested by the Home Department. At times, educational documents issued by certain boards or universities are attested here as well.

    • Human Resource Department (HRD)

      HRD attestation is done mainly for educational documents. When attesting educational documents for Oman, HRD attestation is mandatory and Home Department Attestation may not be accepted. Also, there are different HRD Ministries that vary as per the states, for instance, GAD Attestation for Telangana and NORKA attestation for Kerala issued educational documents.

    • Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM)

      The Sub Divisional Magistrate, SDM is not exactly answerable to the state government. Although the attestation is done here is still considered as state-level authentication. Educational and personal documents can be stamped by the SDM. However, when it comes to certificate attestation for Oman, SDM attestation may not be accepted.

  • Central Level

    The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the main department here that will all the three kinds of documents - personal, educational and commercial. The MEA deals with all kinds of foreign matters in India.

    • Ministry of External Affairs

      MEA attestation is the central and final level of attestation done by the Government of India. A stamp on the back of the respective document is provided by the MEA.

  • Embassy Level

    This is the part where the Embassy of Oman plays its role in certificate attestation for Oman. Even the Embassy will attest personal, educational and commercial documents.

    • Oman Embassy Attestation

      After being stamped by the MEA, the documents will be verified and stamped by the Oman embassy completing the process of Oman embassy attestation in India.

  • Gulf Attestation

    There is an additional level of authentication of all kinds of documents which is done for the countries that are a part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). It is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

      The department of MOFA deals with the foreign matters of that particular GCC country. MOFA attestation for Oman is done in Oman itself and there are certain requirements for the same as well. A final stamp from the MOFA on your document will get you your long term visa or a permit to do business with Oman.

Where to get Oman Attestation?

At the time of looking for Oman Embassy attestation, you must also note that the Embassy of Oman and the Ministry of External Affairs do NOT accept individual attestation requests from the civilians. In order to get Oman attestation done hassle-free, you may have to acquire assistance from the professional Oman attestation services. An additional benefit that you will have expert certificate attestation services is that there will be minimal chances of errors in the process and you can get the documents attested in the comfort of your home, except if there is personal appearance is requested by the Embassy of Oman.

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Deep Bhong is a working on apostille and attestation services since last 10years.

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