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Traditional vs Personal Gifts

Author: Printstreet Online Retail Pvt. Ltd.
by Printstreet Online Retail Pvt. Ltd.
Posted: Dec 27, 2019

Gifts are very important for any culture including ours. The beginning of gifting could be the beginning of being civilized and starting a brand-new chapter in the evolution of our species. Now as we all know that we all love to receive gifts and in some cases even like to give them as well. But what exactly are gifts, and what can be classified as a gift. Well, it’s a tricky one, and perhaps no one in the world can answer that. Having said that, let’s try to at least understand what a gift actually is. I would say it’s a token of one’s affection, love, respect and many other emotions, and a combination of all the mentioned emotions. It could be anything, there is no rule or limit to it. It’s an open secret that only costly gifts castes a deeper effect on the receiver. It’s actually the thought that goes behind the gift which counts and not the price tag of the item itself.

So in some way we have tried to define and attempted doing the undoable, ie put a definition on something as varied and simple and as fundamental to us human as a gift. Till very recently all the gifts were generic, ie you can only choose the gift and cannot "commission" a gift. Except of course if you are a royal or something like that, but for all humble mortals across the world, this was the case. So essentially you would walk into a "gift shop" and pick up a gift from the available options. Or you would go to a utility store and buy something of use and give it as a gift to someone. All such attempts and all such items ( we all have done it at some point in our lives ) come under traditional gifts. And we will here today try to understand how we can make traditional gifts interesting for our loved ones. So whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, house warming or if you want to gift to your love interest we will have some tips and ideas for you. Or if you are looking for some more formal gifts for your teacher, boss, employees, vendors, suppliers, business associates, and corporate partners which come under basically corporate gifting, we will see that also.

Traditional Gifts

As mentioned earlier, anything one buys off the shelf and gives it to someone else as a gift can be classified as traditional gifts. Let’s examine some scenarios. If you are married and looking for gift for your better half for your anniversary then the options will look like – flowers, chocolates, clothes and if you want to splurge – jewelry. All these products are supposed to be bought off the shelf, ie as they are. You cannot change the product as per your wish or requirement, almost all of them are on take it or leave it basis. The same concept applies to any other scenario. If you have ever looked for a gift, which I bet you must have at some point in your life, you are presented with a similar set of options. Now all these gifts will be called traditional gifts, because there is little you can do to make the product your ( other than of course buying it ).

When I say your own, I mean to personalize. And how on earth can one personalize a gift? Well, this is what we at Printstreet do. We customize almost all kinds of gifts for almost all kinds of occasions. We let the users define, create and order the way they want their gifts to be customized. And in this way, our creativity and ability are limited only by the creativity of our users and their imagination.

Customized Gifts

As by now you would have some sort of idea what we mean by customized gifts. So if the product is not off the shelf, and is created and designed with user input then it can be classified as customized gifts or products. It has a wide range of usage in both personal and corporate gifting space. And both the branches has its own nitty-gritty. In this segment, we shall try to understand those fine details and also how a product can be customized. But before we go there, lets try to examine why should a product be customized in the first place.

As mentioned earlier in the article, it’s the thought which goes behind a gift which matters ant not the price of the actual item being gifted. Going by that definition, a customized gift will have the highest value, as a lot of thought and emotions go into its making. Think of it as getting a greeting card from a shop and creating a greeting card from scratch, where you can choose the paper type, the kind of printing or painting, the text colors all are selected and curated by the user. It may not be the best looking card for any third person but between the two – the sender and receiver it will have a million meanings and a product of endless beauty and joy. One not just invests money in a customized gift but also thought and lots of thoughts to make one. And that makes it unique and special for both the giver and the receiver. Its an experience, and by giving customized gifts you are giving an experience to your loved ones.

Custom made products also see a lot of demand in corporate gifting and take away sourcing circles. For a company its imperative to give something only with its mark on it. It can be either their corporate colors or the company website or logo or a similar message written on the product. And all these are possible by the means of getting a customized gift.

Customized gifts for personal usage.

Now it’s getting interesting. There is not a bigger joy than seeing and knowing your loved ones are happy. And once you give them a personalized gift you can see the joy and rhyme on their faces to make you believe what I am saying here. We at Printstreet offer several options for products that can be personalized and given as gifts. Let’s start with T-Shirts ( you can see options here), you can give a custom printed t-shirt with your personal message on it. We print t-shirts using the latest vinyl printing technology and can print anything you want, even your photographs if you wish so. And these are cotton t-shirts I am talking about, so you can make t-shirts with your favorite movie, tv-show, cartoon, comic character, rock star, sports persona or celebrity. Or can simply put a happy photo of you and your loved ones on it to make it more personal. As we are printing t-shirts as per your inputs, we can make whatever you have in mind, like we can make t-shirts with your own quotes on it. Sounds cool, let’s make it cooler. We can do the same thing with hoodies as well. So you can design your own hoodies with your matter and text on it. We will make it as per your instructions and deliver the customized hoodie to your address anywhere you want. Apart from personalized t-shirts and hoodies, we also deal with customized shirts for men and women, custom polo t-shirts, personalized sports jersey.

If you don’t want to gift a piece of clothing, then we have other options too please check this link here. Personalized Laptop bags are here for you to choose from. Laptop bags are now w ubiquitous style statement with a functional aspect. It is used and carried by both men and women and is a versatile choice. You can choose a bag from our range of curated products, and get it personalized with your photo or text on it. You can use the online designer and see how your text and image will look on the bag and then if you like it, you can go ahead and order directly from the site. We will deliver your customized laptop bag, which you have created online using your own image and text to you. A personalized laptop bag will be a great choice if you are looking for something functional with added swag to it.

It does not end here, you can also have customized electronics products like Bluetooth speakers, power banks and many such products here. And if that is not what you are looking for you can get photo gifts, like a product with your pics on them. This is a rage nowadays.

Corporate Gifts

We at Printstreet take immense pride in the fact that we are a corporate gifting company and have a steady track record of serving top corporates. The requirements of a corporate house are entirely different than say a son planning a mother’s day gift, or a boy planning to win over his girl, and we have to take like that. Now corporates generally have two kinds of product customization requirements. One is which they give as a part of their marketing and the primary recipients of these kinds of products are outsiders ie people outside the company. And another is when they want something for their own employees and the primary recipient of these kinds of products are insiders ie people from the company. Printstreet has options for both kinds of usage. T-Shirts are the ones which everyone likes, whether the outsider or the insider, they all like t-shirts are so does the corporates. We offer a huge collection of custom polo t-shirts, these are t-shirts with embroidery and are available for order online. So the users can choose the product, place their mark or logo on it and order it online. We will process the order and will deliver it anywhere across the country and beyond. Polo t-shirts with logo embroidery is a winner, easy to select, functional, easy to design and a great branding and marketing vehicle. You can see some options here. We offer discounts on the listed price for bulk ordering, and if required we also provide free of cost design services for corporate customers.

If for some reason you don’t want to give t-shirts to your clients, prospective customers and employees, there are other options too. Like you can give them custom laptop bags with the company logo or tag line, you can also put the company website on the corporate laptop bags with the company logo. There are many options to choose from available on our website here. We also have a browser-based online product designer, so you can select a product, put your logo or text using the online product designer and see how it looks are if you liked it you can place your order then and their itself using our seamless online platform.

There are many other options too, in fact as I mentioned earlier in the article, we are limited only by the creativity and imagination of the users who use our platform. We are an enabler and we use technology as a delivery mechanism. Other than that we are a simple plain gifting company with great products and people. We take pride in our customer service standards and will make sure what our customer wants, they are getting it.

This is all about personalization and customization of gifts.

Printstreet is a startup, and like any other startup worth its salt, it is driven by passion and pure energy. We will keep adding new products and services and will always strive to fulfill the requirements of our users. If you have not yet experienced our services find an excuse to do so, I am sure you will like it.


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