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Big Brother 16: Four Nominees and a Wedding?!

Author: Eve Knaggs
by Eve Knaggs
Posted: Jul 30, 2014

If you're a Zankie fan, then your dreams probably came true this week. Zach and Frankie are the two new HOHs. Of course, these two are loads of fun together but it's just another week in this Detonator-run house. But first, can we talk about how CBS referred to them as a power couple?! Yesss.

The episode starts with some houseguests like Nicole and Derrick expressing doubt about having Zach as HOH. They say he's a wildcard and no one really knows where his head is. While that is true, Zach seems pretty loyal to everyone in the Detonators so don't expect him to see him turning on anyone so soon. Zach tells the viewers that his only target this week is Amber because he was told that she wants to get some guys out of the house.

We get a cute Zankie celebration, in which Zach gets the best hug of his life. They both agree that Amber is the target this week. Zach, on a power trip, says he can do whatever he wants. Zach says that he wants to piss off Caleb. Things aren't looking too good for the Beast Mode Cowboy and his queen. Zach tells Caleb that he's going to put Amber on the block and Caleb says that he's going to talk to her and see where her head is. Caleb grabs Amber and tells her about her name being thrown out for nomination. She figures out that there has to be an alliance and if she gets put up, she's going to air it out. Good job Amber, the alliance is basically Bomb Squad minus you and Beast Mode Cowboy.

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Who wants to see the HOH room?! one. It's the same room every week. Are we supposed to be impressed by it?! Show me more of their basket goodies and music choices then I'll be interested every week. But it was touching to see Frankie get photos of his late grandfather, Frank. I swear, Big Brother is making me cry more than ever before.

Zach and Christine are talking when Zach comes in and says that Christine has to take one for the team. He says she has narcolepsy and will fall asleep in the middle of the BOTB comp. At this point, I need Zach to come down from his power trip because the boy is going crazy. Immediately, Christine refuses to go up. Christine says she will not go up on the block with Amber and she won't throw it. Zach says he is beyond pissed and that Christine brings nothing to the table. Let's be honest, is he lying? No. Christine is gearing up to be this season's Andy Herren. And I'll say this... Andy definitely isn't on my list of favorite BB houseguests.

Time for a little Camber segment. Caleb doesn't like pickles. In fact, you couldn't pay him to eat one. Amber makes a comment that if he ate a pickle, she'll go on a date with him. And that was the worst thing she could have ever said. Being the Beast Mode Cowboy, he ate the pickle. Now, Amber is on a date with Caleb. Caleb says it should be the best date of his life. It was incredibly awkward. I mean, Caleb calls her out in the middle of the date for looking at Cody. But really, can you blame her? Here's to hoping that there's no more backyard dates in her BB future.

Team America update. Another week of me being over this twist. Donny receives the mission and Team America must have two houseguests get into a heated argument that last longer than 20 seconds at the nomination or veto ceremony. Of course, Team America will use Zach to give them 5k. Seriously, Zach should get some money. They get Zach riled up by backing his idea of calling out Christine in his nomination speeches. Oh boy.

And then Zach...attacks. He says that if he looked up floater in the BB dictionary that there would be a picture of Christine and JennCity holding hands...basically irrelevant. Ouch. He tells Nicole that she knows so much about the game and like a true super fan, "you fruit loop dingus", bet that she didn't see this coming. Double ouch and also nice usage of fruit loop dingus, Zach. Nomination ceremony adjourned.

Nicole is actually laughing but then it turns to tears. She says he personally attacked her and she's offended. Did Zach take it a step too far?

Also, Victoria is crying.In case you forgot, Victoria won POV last week and got really dressed up for the POV ceremony. Jocasta tells Victoria that Zankie thinks she's weak. Victoria says she has no idea why they would think that since...she keeps winning. You're right, Victoria, I have no clue why you're up there. No clue at all.

Time for BOTB and it's a BB wedding! The players have to build a wedding cake and then stand on top of it for three seconds. Basically, build a sturdy cake and the balance part should be easy. Unfortunately for Jocasta, Victoria is just not listening. Victoria isn't even placing the cake pieces in a logically manner, the cake is looking like it'll fall any second. Nicole and Christine win BOTB and Zach is dethroned.

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