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5 Fatal Mistakes Gym Owners Make and How to Overcome Them

Author: Parbhat Jain
by Parbhat Jain
Posted: Dec 29, 2019
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Are you a GYM owner and your competition is causing you a headache? That means something is missing from your business. It's not just about having the best gym equipment, highly trained instructors, or an excellent location. There are some other factors that are equally important and you might not have thought about them.

Easy Gym Software experts have been in touch with hundreds of successful and growing gyms, and from their experience, we have compiled a list of five most common and fatal errors that gym owners make.

5 fatal mistakes gym owners make:

You do not have a website

If you don't have a website yet, I'm sorry to tell you that you are living in a bygone era. We are in the digital era, in which everyone seeks to solve their problems on the internet. Take your own examples, you might have looked for solutions on Google to open your gym, didn’t you? For us, one thing is clear, "Gym that has no website, is the gym that does not exist."

I guess you may have noticed that the most recognized gyms already have a website. And their success is due to that because it makes them look more professional.

People don't find you on Google

You might already have a website, but it may not help you attract customers. What we are going to say is not contradictory to the first point, but it is the next step. It's not just about buying a space on the internet and leaving it in oblivion. That is a fatal mistake! You must position your gym to have a web presence. I am referring to SEO positioning, a service that helps Internet users find you on the web.

Remember that people already look for gyms on Google, and if you are not positioned on the internet, they will never find you. Not having SEO positioning is as if you were invisible to the world. Getting on the first page of Google results might fetch you so much business that you may not have even imagined. Just keep in mind that successful gyms already hire these services.

Do you feed your social networks?

If you don't feed your social networks every day, I'm afraid to tell you that your competition is going to leave you behind. A gym that neglects its social networks is destined to fail.

Have you noticed a large number of people who use Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube during their leisure time? Large gyms take full advantage of this trend to attract customers.

And be careful, I don't mean posting on Facebook once in a week or whenever you got time. You must feed your social networks daily so that your brand is stamped in the minds of your potential customers.

You can encourage your trainers and members to post their results on social media. Also, looking at other people enjoying at your gym and creating results for themselves motivates people to join your gym even if they were not planning to join any gym.

You do not generate interesting or valuable web content

It is one of the main reasons why your competition is crushing you. If you do not have a blog or do not attend it constantly, your gym will never thrive.

We return to the same thing, people are already looking for gym alternatives on the internet and, if you don't feed your website with valuable content for them, they will never find you.

Your potential customers already search Google for weight loss options, healthy dishes, nutritional supplements, exercise clothes, gym equipment, etc. Be the solution to the problems of those potential customers by providing them with that information on your blog.

Do you already have your online store?

It is something that cannot be missing in your gym if you want to make it to the next level. Take into account that not only your customers would be the main buyers, but the millions of Internet users who are attached to their cell phones. This means you will not be limited to an area or even a city. You can sell your products are services to whomever wherever they are.

In case you had not noticed, we are in an era in which online sales are monopolizing. And this is because more and more people prefer to buy online because of the simple fact that it is more comfortable. Believe me, people love to buy exercise clothes, as well as shoes and sports accessories online.

We are in an era in which if you do not take full advantage of digital media, you will never have the successful gym you have always dreamed of. And if you don't have time to create content, don't worry, you'll always have an alternative at hand.

What is the solution to these issues?

If you have not heard about gym software before, let us tell you that it is a great solution for the gyms. It does not only help you with gym management but also lend great support in solving all the above-listed issues.

Easy Gym Software is one of the leading gym software and the following are some of the advantages it will provide you:

  1. A personalized application for your gym in the name of your brand where your members can see promotions, book classes, renew membership and even purchase products of your gym.
  2. Gym management system that can be accessed from any device with a built-in browser, i.e. phone, tablets, pc, etc. giving you a full range of functions for 24/7 and 360º management of your business
  3. Automated Marketing with Automated SMS and Email Marketing system that segments according to behavior patterns.

4. Online reservations and online appointment booking system for web, Facebook and Instagram.

5. SEO positioning, social media management and website creation (add-on services)

5. Point of sale to produce and record all sales-related data in an easy and efficient way

These are just a few of the advantages of Easy Gym Software for your gym business.

About the Author

Parbhat Jain, fitness specialist from experience, working closely with industry leaders since 2013 because of his revolutionary idea of gym management software.

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