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Make Industrial Work Hassle-free with High Standard Industrial Cranes

Author: Elite Crane Rental Inc
by Elite Crane Rental Inc
Posted: Dec 29, 2019

The world of cranes is huge; while numerous cranes are utilized in different types of large construction projects, many other cranes are used every day in a huge variety of industries. With such a significant number of different applications, there are also many different types of Hamilton Industrial Cranes that are all designed for particular jobs and functions.

Rough terrain cranes are a compact sort of truck-mounted crane with large rubber tires that enable them to navigate difficult terrain on a worksite. Unlike most truck-mounted cranes, these cranes not typically able to travel on roads. However, with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, they are better-suited for sites with uneven terrain and limited open space.

Tower cranes are some of the most recognizable cranes due to their frequent use in urban building and construction work. Their tall lattice booms reach into city skylines, sometimes hundreds of feet tall, with long rotating lattice booms mounted at the top. These tower cranes are utilized to construct skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, where their height allows them to move materials from the ground to the tower quickly.

Truck-mounted cranes drive on large rubber tires and are generally designed to drive to and from a construction site under their own power. The size, mobility and maneuverability of truck mount cranes make them perfect for many industrial projects. Most truck cranes can be driven on the highway, and they use horizontal outriggers for stability while on a worksite. Truck cranes make remote areas simpler to access, so they are commonly used in a wide variety of construction applications.

To place a conventional crane on a jobsite, you must have the option to move the crane components to the location. Traditional crane setup can be unrealistic and even impossible in remote locations. Because truck mount cranes are a single unit, this equipment is simpler to get to tough areas.

Moreover, truck mount cranes do not need the support pads required for conventional crane setup. On a site where the ground is sandy or soft, a truck mount crane may perform better than another model without the need for supports that are as huge or extensive.

To transport heavy materials with a standard crane, you need to lift the item with the crane, deposit the materials into a truck, drive the truck to the new location and unload using a crane. When you have a Hamilton Industrial Crane, you can move heavy materials over short distances on the crane itself. This ability means that you don’t have to use as many trucks or spend as much time on transport logistics.

Also, truck mount cranes require less overall space than standard cranes. This feature makes truck mount cranes ideal for urban development and construction on properties that have existing buildings in place.

So, regardless of whether you need to hire a crane for a single project or you want to expand your business’ heavy equipment, choosing the right crane is necessary for safe and efficient lifting. The right crane type for your business depends on how many job sites you need the equipment for, how heavy of loads you lift, and many other factors.

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