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Top Five Ways to Control Cyber Attacks

Author: Gaurav Chaudhary
by Gaurav Chaudhary
Posted: Dec 30, 2019
cyber security

World’s leading companies like Target Corporation and Sears are taking initiatives to boost their security in the wake of increasing incidents of cybercrime. As per the survey reports of prestigious institutions like Small Business Authority, Symantec, Kaspersky Lab, and the National Cybersecurity Alliance, there is a significant number of businesses implementing inappropriate security techniques.

Most of the businesses are facing a lack of adequately effective security policy for their employees and customers. It has been stated that about half of such organizations have conventional security measures being utilized in their processes which of course is not a sign of a technologically advancing organization.

Here we are going to discuss the five most significant ways to restrain an organization from any possible cyber threat or attack.

Check for regular software updates

Frequent software updates can provide lots of benefits to an organization such as repairing the discovered security holes by fixing the identified bugs or errors. Hackers always seek for such security holes and exploit them for performing malicious attacks. Security holes can be identified as the vulnerabilities existing in a software application that can be exploited by malicious hackers or cybercriminals. You can learn more about this in an Ethical Hacking Course through any particular medium.

A single incident of vulnerability exploitation is enough to create severe impacts on the information systems of an organization. Such exploitation can be occurred due to a few actions on the user's end such as viewing a rogue website, opening a compromised message, or playing infected media.

Secure your internet connection

A publicly recognizable IP address can be accessed by an external device intended to attack the information system of an organization or device system. A firewall can be used to stop or mitigate unauthorized access to networks. By using a firewall, organizations can control the traffic as per the security policies, and unauthorized networks trying to access the networks are blocked.

On a complete range of typical or possible elements, firewalls can also be replaced with a network connection to the internet and organizations can map effective security plans and strategies considering external network and information storage compatibility.

Keep backup copies of important data files

Holding a backup of your important data and information in a secured location can help you exceptionally in times when you are suffering from data theft and security-related issues. Backup simply refers to the additional copies on a different memory location with different physical and virtual identities from the existing data storage.

Such a security strategy can secure an organization from threats of ransomware by malicious hackers which may cause severe incidents of data theft by inserting a virus into the systems encrypting the complete data and making it useless.

Restricted access to process-related applications

Unauthorized access to software applications is the prime reason behind most of the security breaches. Malicious hackers are impersonating identities of the members of an organization and trying to access the information system. By controlling access, organizations are ensuring to devoid of any inappropriate access to the resources and information systems of an organization. Authentication is a method to validate the identity of a user trying to access a particular set of information. However, authentication alone is not sufficient to counter the designated issues there as there are lots of other things to protect the data from malicious access.

Train professionals on Cyber Security principles

Nescience of Cyber Security is one of the prime mistakes made by small organizations and institutions. They typically overlook security incidents happening on different levels which ultimately causes big losses afterward. Organizations are becoming aware of the significance of Cyber Security and training their employees on Cyber Security principles with the help of the Cyber Security Course. Such training programs are generally prepared and organized by leading training providers.

Despite so many initiatives related to Cyber Security, people overlook the significance of security strategies and consider them secured from hacks, unauthorized access, malware attacks or any type of data breach. Generally, malicious hackers seek a weak point within a software application or information system of an organization.

Noticeably, security attacks do not only occur from external resources but can also happen because of internal members being too much trusted by an organization. However, there are lots of methods to monitor the activities of an employee, but what after when they leave the organization? To devoid of this issue, there is an immense need for following the most appropriate security techniques and terminologies.

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