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Odoo out-of-box solution vs Odoo Customization: Which one you choose?

Author: Gaurav Bhasin
by Gaurav Bhasin
Posted: Dec 31, 2019

Odoo is a complete Business Management tool and it provides many business benefits. Due to the modularity and vastness of Odoo, it becomes perplexing to decide whether to use Odoo Out-of-the-Box or Hire Odoo Developer and get a customized Odoo Development.

Every company is different and has different processes that need to be managed and processed. Due to the variety of processes, it is better to find a cost-effective and easy to implement combination that supports your company in the best possible manner.

Odoo is favored by business of all sizes because of its modularity, scalability, customization, and ease of implementation. Today, there are over 3 million companies that have adopted Odoo, which proves its strength and capacity to provide value in improving business operations. If you plan on implementing Odoo in your company, this article will help you decide if choosing Odoo as an out-of-the-box solution is better for you or having a custom Odoo Implementation.

Difference between Odoo Out-of-the-Box and Odoo Customization

Odoo out-of-the-box software is a package that comes pre-packed with functions that focus on handling standard business processes of a specific type of company or the processes of a company from an industry/niche. These modules may or may not have the features that your company requires.

Odoo customization, on the other hand, is about customizing the pre-existing out-of-the-box solution so that it meets the specific needs of your business. Having a custom Odoo implementation ensures that you get exactly the features that you need.

Where Odoo Out-of-the-Box leads

Ease and speed of Implementation

Odoo out-of-the-box is a great package where the most important features are readily available as soon as you install Odoo. You can quickly start to take advantage of its features without having to configure anything.

One can easily and quickly implement Odoo ERP without the need for much technical knowledge. In a matter of days, you will be able to fully deploy Odoo across all your teams.

Easy on the Pockets

The amount of investment that a business needs to make on tools and technology is a critical deciding factor. With Odoo, the amount of value you generate for your business is much greater than the amount you invest in it.

Odoo's out-of-the-box solution is practically free of cost to implement because it is open source. The only thing that you must pay for is the server on which you want to deploy the ERP. If you have a team capable of implementing new technology, you are good to go without extra investment.

Plug and Play

There are over 3,000 modules and 14,000+ plugins available in Odoo for you to implement in your business workflow. If your business belongs to a common industry, you will have an easier time finding the right arrangement of modules for your company.

There are so many other businesses and developers who have created modules that are very useful and robust. You can simply download the modules you find important and start experimenting with them. If you don’t find them useful, you can plug in another module and experiment with that.

Advantages of Odoo Customization

Improved Productivity

Although Odoo is a great out-of-the-box solution, it is much more powerful if it is customized for your company. After customizing Odoo explicitly for your business processes, you will be able to extract greater productivity from your employees in terms of accuracy, time, communication, sales, etc.

Every company’s business flow is different and a customized Odoo solution helps you by integrating seamlessly in your company. As Odoo says, you can "Unleash your growth Potential" with a customized Odoo Development.

Power in your hands

If you implement out-of-the-box Odoo solution, you are restricted by Odoo to add features that you require. In their future releases, Odoo Developers might not even add a feature that you want, and you would be left waiting for it. Instead, you can hire Odoo Developer and get the features you want to be developed immediately.

At any point in your business journey, if you find that you need a feature upgrade also, you can get it done quickly and easily. Take the power of adding, modifying, removing features in your hands with a custom Odoo Implementation.

Easy integration in existing workflow

You might be introducing Odoo in your business after a few years of running already. This might make the out-of-the-box solution difficult to implement. You might not be able to integrate your existing processes and data with Odoo as it is designed to suit a wide variety of businesses.

However, with Odoo Customization, you can take your pre-existing workflow and make Odoo fit your company instead of fitting your company to an ERP. This way, you have to spend fewer hours training your employees to use new technology.

Few Questions to help you

Here are a few questions you can answer to make the decision making easier.

  1. 1. Do I need to integrate a tool in an existing workflow or create a new business process?
  2. 2. Am I willing to invest time in a perfect solution, or I need business benefits right away?
  3. 3. Do I need a customized solution, or my company can still function in an industry-standard environment?
  4. 4. Do I have a budget to spend hiring Odoo Developers for my needs or not?
  5. 5. Are similar companies in my niche who use Odoo using a customized version or Out-of-the-box?

If your choice has been the first one for most questions, you should hire Odoo Developer from Kanak Infosystems LLP for a customized Odoo Development. If, however, most of your choices were the latter one, you will be fine implementing Odoo Out-of-the-box.

Still confused?

If you are still confused, you can talk to expert Odoo Consultants from Kanak Infosystems LLP. They will understand your specific business, advise you on which business processes to optimize and when to bring technology into those processes. All it takes is for you to send an email at

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