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Things you should throw away before moving

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Dec 31, 2019
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Packing is one of the most important tasks when moving – locally or long distance. It is fun and exciting, but sometimes it can be emotional and exhausting. Especially if you need to say goodbye to your belongings. What to throw away before moving and why should you get rid of them?

Why throw away items before moving?

The first thing people do when moving and packing is decluttering. It is a great opportunity to actually see what you own. How many times did you say yourself - I forgot I have this?

The main 4 reasons for throwing items away when moving are:

  • Decluttering and cleaning – moving is one of the best opportunities when you can declutter and get rid of unnecessary items. It is like a spring cleaning, but better.
  • Know how much packing supplies and material you need – when you separate items you will move and items you won’t move, you will know how many moving boxes you need as well as other packing supplies.
  • Save money – moving costs mostly depend on the size and weight of your move, so if you lower down the number of items, your moving will be cheaper. Throw away before moving and save your money too.
  • Save time – packing takes a lot of time. Why pack items you won’t use anymore and don’t need. If you need to move in no time, throwing away items is essential. But, if you really don’t have time to pack, there are always movers and packers Dubai you can hire.
What items to throw away before moving?

What to throw away before moving? This is the list of items you need to get rid of. When you find reliable professionals to help you relocate, they can give you advice too about packing. You can decorate the residential interior with only a couple of things.

Too old and used items

  • Clothing and shoes, you wore too many times
  • Clothes and shoes that are too small or too big
  • Most of us have at least 2 old phones and other old electronics
  • Check the date on your medications
  • Do the same with makeup products
  • Old sheets and towels
  • Expired food and liquids
  • Stray cords
  • Very old bills and receipts you don’t need
  • Magazines and posters
  • Scratched pans and pots
  • Damaged furniture
  • Opened toiletries

Things you have more than you need

  • Dishes, do you really need 5 sets of them?
  • Cookware, glasses, and cups
  • Tools
  • Blankets
  • Kids’ toys
  • Phone charges
  • Office supplies
  • Pens, papers, craft materials
  • Home decorations
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Bags and purses

Things that you forgot about

These items are usually items from a basement, garage or from the back of your closet. If you didn’t use them and forgot about them, you probably can without them too.

  • Books you never opened
  • CDs, cassette tapes and DVDs
  • Clothes you did not wear for a year or more
  • Appliances and gadgets, especially from your kitchen
  • Greeting cards
  • Baby items (if you don’t want more children)
  • Broken and damaged items you said you will fix, but you didn’t
  • Fake jewelry

Things that won’t fit in your new home

Measure your new home and see what can fit and what isn’t worth to move.

  • Living room furniture such as sofa
  • Carpets
  • Curtains
  • Décor
  • Bedroom and dining room sets
  • Lightening

Of course, if all your furniture can fit perfectly into your new home, then you don’t need to throw it away. But calculate what is more - affordable to move all those items or to buy new ones.

Forbidden items

Did you know that some items are not allowed to move? Even if you need them and you want to move them into your new home, it is forbidden. While some items are recommended to throw out, some of them are required to throw out. Especially if you are moving to another state or country. In that case, you should research rules and regulations about importing and exporting.

  • Hazardous items such as aerosol cans, car batteries, kerosene, matches, chemistry sets, opened cleaning supplies, propane tanks, pains, bleach, acids, charcoal, motor oil, pesticides, gasoline, etc.
  • Food - frozen food, fresh vegetables, and fruits, meat, etc. Everything that is perishable.
  • Plants - unless you are moving locally so they won’t be in a truck for a long time, and the weather is the same in your new neighborhood.
Finding a company to move all your items

After separating, it is time to find professional movers near you. Pick a couple of companies and compare the bids. Choose reliable and affordable movers you can trust. Get an online moving estimate and also in-home moving estimates to get the accurate price. One of the companies you should research is Aceline Moving.

Other options besides throwing away

If items are not damaged, broken, unopened, or you didn’t use them often, throwing away is not the only option. You also can:

  • Recycle and use them again to decorate your new garden or a living room. If you know how to sew, make something new from your old clothing.
  • Donating is also one of the options where you can help someone and do a nice thing. You can donate everything, from furniture to clothing and food. Don’t throw away before moving if that’s can help someone.
  • Sell items by organizing a yard sale or sell items online. This way you can earn money and increase a moving budget.

If you need to throw away before moving, now you know what. This process will be easier and faster if you ask a friend to help you. Keep in mind that throwing away items you have for a long time can be very emotional. Also, to make rational decisions, a friend can help you decide. Think twice before you say goodbye to your old home and old items.

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My name is Betty and I have been writing expert articles in relation to the moving industry for the last couple of years. Besides this specific area, I am also experienced in other spheres pertaining to the concept of relocation.

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