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5 Things to Tell Your Kids About AFL ANZAC Day

Author: Hudson Drew
by Hudson Drew
Posted: Jan 03, 2020

ANZAC Day is one of the most important days in the history of Australia and New Zealand that is commemorated on a national level. 25th April is marked as the anniversary of a military battle fought by both nations’ armed forces to capture Constantinople (now Istanbul) during World War One, but Australian and New Zealand forces were defeated. So this day is remembered in tribute of the departed souls during that war in both countries and people gather to watch parades and services at dawn. Moreover, Australians show great enthusiasm toward the AFL match and getting ANZAC Day tickets before they run out.

Children may take ANZAC Day as a normal public holiday, but there is more you need to explain to your little one to spark the true spirit for this special day.

1. It is Not a Lazy Holiday

You may get a day off on ANZAC Day but it mustn’t be considered an ordinary holiday to spend a lazy day in your bed. Let your little one know about the significance of this day as the day of thankfulness and remembrance.

There are several things you can engage in with your kids like, baking ANZAC Day biscuits, painting red poppies, watching the parade, or visiting war memorial.

2. ANZAC Day is Not Only Observed in Australia

Along with Australia and New Zealand, a few other countries have taken time to recognize the sacrifices of their soldiers. So, telling your kids about the importance of those lives in the present time is a good way to teach them respect for others’ compromises. ANZAC Day services are also observed in England, France, and Gallipoli.

3. Meaning and Purpose of ANZAC Day Biscuits

Engage your kids with you in the kitchen to make ANZAC Day biscuits as an opportunity to discuss the purpose you are making them today.

Families of ANZAC Day soldiers made these biscuits instead of bread to send to their loved ones who fought away from home. You can find healthy biscuits recipes on the internet or your older family members can be a great help in this regard. Involving family for educating children on national history can be a fun to strengthen bonds.

4. Who Do Australians Honour on ANZAC Day

In the beginning, ANZAC Day was observed on 25th April to honour the soldiers who fought and died during WWI at Gallipoli, but now it is observed to honour all the men and women who fight to keep the land safe as well as the departed souls and those who are still fighting.

5. AFL ANZAC Day Match

When many wars were fought, Australian rule football tournaments were continued to be played overseas in ally countries to celebrate Australian sports culture. Despite this fact, football games were prohibited to be held on ANZAC Day as it was a day of mourning. But in 1959, all VFL games were scheduled on Saturday afternoons, and so ANZAC Day fell on Saturday as well, the game was them postponed. In 1960, the first footy was played on ANZAC Day by lifting the restrictions under the ACT of Parliament.

So, while you teach your child about the importance of this historic day, make sure you don’t stay behind merging your child in the sports culture of Australia. No wonder your child will feel the spirit when you’ll go crazy for getting ANZAC Day tickets or roaring up the MCG.

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