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Clean Lipstick For Passionate Kisses

Author: Austin Fog
by Austin Fog
Posted: Jan 01, 2020
clean lipstick

Passionate kisses deserve compassion, too. Before you let your lips explore another person's lips, consider the impact the lipstick that you're wearing makes. Some brands care little about the ingredients that go into their formulas and create a toxic 'soup' for you to wear and ingest in the process. You could potentially harm yourself by using these products throughout a lifetime!

To better understand why clean lipstick is important, it's best to know what makes it 'clean' in the first place. Free from endocrine-disrupting and cancer-causing ingredients, artificial fragrances, and animal testing, it's a process that compassionate brands take to ensure the quality and integrity of their products.

It's more critical for them to create cosmetics they can stand behind than ones created with the sole purpose of making money. Beauty shouldn't come at a cost. It shouldn't compromise your health or values. You should be able to look good, feel attractive to others, and be passionate about the people and products that you love. You'll want to plant a big heartfelt kiss on the creators of such thoughtful and beautiful lipsticks and other cosmetics.

Clean Lipstick Keeps Nasty Chemicals from Being Ingested By Both Parties

When you kiss someone intimately, they come into contact with the product, too, making it impossible not to become part of a dangerous statistic of people who ingest harmful chemicals from cosmetics unintentionally. If done regularly, five pounds of substances that have no place in the body absorb through the skin. The more passionately you kiss someone, the more you're putting them at risk if you're not wearing clean lipstick.

Clean Lipstick is Compassionate and Sustainable

Clean lipstick is cruelty-free. It does not harm animals because the manufacturer doesn't test formulas on them. The only testing that takes place is when you measure how happy your pets are when you plant a kiss on their adorable heads. "Clean lipstick" that has undergone testing on animals isn't compassionate. It's also not sustainable if manufacturing processes were damaging to the planet. Clean lipstick takes the planet and all of its occupants into consideration by being free from harmful practices and substances.

Clean Lipstick Emboldens

When a person wears clean lipstick, they feel bold and sexy. They want to plant a passionate kiss on their partner. They wear colors that accentuate the lips and make kissing safe and enjoyable for both parties. Clean lipstick completes the look they're trying to achieve with their outfit and make-up. It's that finishing touch that's soft and sensual, the way that lips feel when a cocktail of chemicals isn't present in a product.

Clean Lipstick Makes a Big Statement About a Person

It's not enough to wear clean lipstick, and it's meant to be shared. People feel compelled not only to plant a passionate kiss on their loves, but they also want others to know just how incredible the compassionate cosmetic looks and feels when worn. They share their favorite brands online and in-person as a way to raise awareness and show support for companies that care. That makes it so much more rewarding to pucker up every day.

Do No Harm By Planting a Passionate and Compassionate Kiss on Your Love

Passionate kisses deserve clean lipstick. If you haven't yet made the switch, you now have a bigger incentive to do so. The motto that you live by, "Do no harm," applies to the people you're locking lips with. Instead of giving them a smooch while wearing toxic cosmetics, you plant them on them with clean lipstick on your pout. Even your precious pets deserve better kisses that don't put them in harm's way by exposing them to lead and other toxic substances.

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