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The Hookup Culture: 5 Rules for Secure Online Dating

Author: Alexander Khal
by Alexander Khal
Posted: Feb 11, 2020
online dating

Humans have been in this world for so many thousands of years. The seduction has evolved across cultures and time. But with the arrival of the internet and online dating, there was a drastic change.

Online dating sites and apps influenced massively in a negative way the relationships in the modern word.

As a matter of fact, we are living in a Hookup Culture. Here are some Symptoms:

  • Keep looking at the online dating store for someone better.
  • Having too many options but emotional unavailability
  • Need for instant gratification.
  • Always waiting for the next best thing.
  • People are scared of another failed relationship.

There is too much fish in the sea but often not good quality. People look for what satisfies the immediate need or desire and forget to tend to their long-term happiness.

Women especially have more options, even a menu of men available in online dating but often unrealistic expectations that tend to turn to a disappointment after the first few dating. Some men pull away after getting close and others are fake.

Even some married people or in couple use dating sites to cheat. There is even sites and apps dedicated for cheaters' needs as anonymity.

The dark side of online dating is scammers. There are many hackers with fake profiles. They get in touch with vulnerable people searching for love or a long-term relationship. They drive their victim in a step by step fake love story funnel... then they simulate urgent situations where they ask from the victim for help... usually a money transfer.

There are also psychopaths with criminal records hunting for new victims.

That's why it's recommended to stay vigilant and aware about these kinds of threats.

Whether it's a site or an application for a safe online dating here is 5 rules:

  • Never subscribe to site not having an SSL certificate (URL address must start with HTTPS:// and not HTTP://). SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a global standard security technology that enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server and avoid private information to be intercepted.
  • Never do bank or money transfers to people never met. Hackers always try to make fake social proofs working with fake IDs and Fake social media profiles. There is only 1 way to avoid being scammed... meet the person.
  • The best way to avoid being harassed is to be clear about what kind of relationship you are searching. Whether you date to have sex and fun or for a long-term relationship, make sure to be clear about in your profile.
  • Never display private information such address or phone number in the profile.
  • The first date is very important. Be always very observer about clues. Body language can say much more than words. It can unmask the real personality that the pretender is trying to hide.

Nevertheless, in our era of speed where fast foods, smart phones and social media are unavoidable, online dating can be useful for finding a good partner quickly. So use it safely and enjoy life.

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Alexander Khal is a Blogger and the founder of The Masked Coach

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