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How Is The Collection Of Andy Warhol Art Different From Other Pop Art?

Author: Terrell Angelena
by Terrell Angelena
Posted: Jan 05, 2020
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Comic strips, newspapers, or many more can be used in the work of pop art. The movement of pop art has emerged in the early eighteenth century. The ideas of art can be driven by various sources. The legacy of the art is carried forward through different pop art artists. Andy Warhol was the first artist to introduce the movement of pop art in the economy. Most of the paintings are shown in the social meetings for attracting the attention of the public.

  • Pop art is showing the attitude of the artists in the form of characters.• The cost of pop art paintings of Andy is less in comparison to other entertainment means

The Collection of Andy Warhol Art has unique characteristics that can be presented in the irony or humor form. The creativity of Andy can be seen in the paintings, along with innovative ideas.

Characteristics of Andy’s pop art

The listed below are some of the aspects of pop art that are presented in the portraits of celebrities.

The name of the artist has become similar to the pop art of other countries –

  1. Humor in pop art – The irony is one of the main components of the paintings of Andy. The current events in the newspaper and economy are considered to be depicted in the paintings. The creative content of the Collection of Andy Warhol Art will provide the opportunity to stand in the competition. A challenge can be presented in front of other means of entertainment.
  2. Blended materials – Andy is blending different materials in the paintings to provide it an attractive look. The paintings with different characters can be shown in social gatherings. Various images from different media are gathered at a single canvas and presented in a modern form of painting. There will be a narrative story given to the public through pop art paintings.
  3. Transformative techniques- The transformative techniques in the paintings will reproduce them in large quantities. The ink is spread on the canvas through a stencil on a large screen. The innovative techniques will represent two types of arts, i.e., high art and low art. The form of advertising and media of fine art can be different from each other. With the innovative techniques, there should be creative work of the artists.

4. Images and icons – Andy was utilizing different pictures and icons in the pictures. The photographs of the celebrities and the commercial world are used as a portrait in pop art. It will attract the attention of the public for purchasing them as decoration in the home. Interested in andy warhol art? Browse this site to learn more about collection of andy warhol art.

Therefore, the characteristics of the Collection of Andy Warhol Art are making them different from other pop art in the economy. Andy Warhol Art for Sale at online exhibitions are providing the paintings at cheaper rates. The buying of pop art can be done there.

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