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Did Donald Trump kept the promises he made before entering office

Author: Francis S Walker
by Francis S Walker
Posted: Jan 06, 2020

It's been three very rough years in the history of The United States democracy since Donald Trump took over the office as the President of The United States. A lot has changed in his era, some of those changes were quite good and remarkable and some of those were not so good.

Before Donald Trump reach the office he made some very strong and bold promises to his supporters and the people of The United States. In 2016 Trump won the election and made it to the office and started his work. Here are few promises that Donald Trump made and we will have a look into them whether Trump fulfill his promises or not.

  1. Build Border Wall: Trump promised to build a wall on the border between the US and Mexico to stop illegal migrants running to the United States and he promised that he will make Mexico pay for the wall. After he took the office He start working on it and announce to build the wall which later lead to the shutdown of the US government for some time in 2018. However Trump got success and the bill was approved and he was given permission to build the wall. Trump started the work on the wall and quite a portion of the wall has been built which is quite remarkable though it cost him lots of criticism throughout his era. Trump was also criticized for using the defense fund for building the wall which was legalized by the court. The work on the wall is continued as he promised however it’s still unknown how he will make Mexico pay for the wall because Mexican president had refused to pay a penny for the wall.
  2. Reduce unemployment: Donald Trump also promised that he will reduce the unemployment rate in the United States and after taking the office and the three year of his work the country has seen the remarkably low unemployment rate.
  3. End of Afghan war: Trump promised that He will bring back his soldiers from Afghanistan after becoming the US president. After Trump entered the office he started looking for a way to end the war. He and his administration along with the defense expert and the agencies involved were looking for options and decided to hold peace talks with Afghan mujaheddin. Many countries were involved and the talks were not so fruitful as many dead locks were in the agreements and finally Trump himself decided to end talks and keep fighting which were later on resumed in September 2019. According to latest information the deal is in the pipeline and US can start withdrawal of US forces once everything is set. This will also help Trump in re election as He will get much more support from the American if the US forces come back to the US.
  4. Rethinking over US China deals over trade: Donald Trump promised that He will review the US trade deals with China as according to him those deals were hurting the United States and the Americans. After stepping into office Trump unleashed on China over trade which turned into a trade war between the two biggest economies of the world. Both sides used their options for almost a year and finally they are on the table again and most likely Trump is going to succeed here as China is willing to rethink on the trade deals and make some new deals that will benefit both countries.

These are just four of his promised that I have discussed and more likely Trump has been working on his promises though He might not be 100 percent successful but to many American Trump at least is delivering things.

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  • mominakhan  -  3 months ago

    very nice article. TMeeKhanuu

Author: Francis S Walker

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