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A brief note on metal ceilings and tin backsplash tiles

Author: Smart Web
by Smart Web
Posted: Jul 31, 2014

Ceilings made of metal

Metal ceiling is not a new concept. If you ever visit old monuments, castles, you will find that they had their ceiling covered with metal. Besides giving a different look to the interior, there are certain advantages that could be derived from having metal ceilings. These advantages are –

a) Durable – Metal ceiling tiles are durable and long lasting

b) Provide strength – Metals provide strength to the structure of the building. They help to hold the construction together. Ceiling made of metal lasts very long

c) Resistant to moisture – When it comes to ceilings made of plaster, there is always a fear of it getting weakened as it comes in touch with water over the years and ultimately, there is a possibility that it might break apart. However, with the metal ceilings, that chance is diminished. These items, being made of metal (other than iron), can withstand water for years and even for centuries

d) Do not crack – What happens with ceilings made of plaster is that they would crack down after few years and require being replaced or renovated. But, ceilings made of metal happen to be much more strong and durable and are likely to be in shape for years to come.

e) Style – besides it durable nature such these items happen to also be very stylish. They are available in different styles, shapes and texture. The natural glitter of the metal would add a different dimension to the overall looks of your room.

f) Can be customized – If you are not particularly fond of metal and want to make it look a bit different, you always have the option of coloring them as your prefer to be able to match them with the existing décor.

g) Fire Resistant – Ceilings made of metals are resistant to fire.

h) Little maintenance – Metals being so hard and durable and having the capacity to withstand water and fire, have much less chances of getting damaged. And for this reason very little maintenance cost goes into it

i) Covers up the imperfections – Do you have any sort of scratch marks or other issues pertaining to your ceiling? If that is the case then they could be easily covered up using ceilings made of metal.

Tiles for your kitchen

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