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Understanding the Mobile Devices Marketing and Social Media

Author: AK Digihub
by AK Digihub
Posted: Jan 10, 2020

Mobile marketing is a multi-purpose digital marketing strategy method where we target our audience through a mobile, tablet, email marketing, SMS marketing, Notification alert, MMS, Social media and apps. Whatever thing can be done through the desktop is easily possible through mobile. Now we can say mobile is an ex-member of any family and best friend of every mobile user. We keep us all information on mobile nowadays. Most importantly when mobile emerged, Internet space starts getting an ample amount of traffic which is a profitable signal from business prospects. Earlier TV ads and tradition ads were one of familiar way to announce your new product and offer to enhance the sell. Now because of Smartphone trends, apps are getting highly used rather than a website.

Internet user and mobile user survey:

Now the mobile becomes a very important part of life. Your pc is in your hand that makes work more easily and faster than earlier.

How to Create a Mobile Marketing Strategy:

If you are running any business or online store then you can use Google Analytics to understand mobile device users and you can plan your strategy and play the win-win game for your business.

Strategy for Mobile Device Marketing:Research on Buyer persona:

in the trend of the Smartphone, doing research on buyer persona will have become the very important and valuable role of mobile marketing. Create a profile that will describe your customer behavior or electronic purchase, age group, job description, and background.

Make an exact point of detail you target your audience and your customer device habit as well. Where they are able to complete a purchase. How much time are they spending in overall to use the internet in the mobile device and their purpose?

It will help you to determine a channel and choice for a mobile device marketing strategy for your business. When you have a clear picture of your target audience.

Set KPI (Key Performance Indicator):When you are doing a mobile device, marketing makes sure that it would be a tried and tested plan. Just like others, we do marketing efforts. We need to execute a well organized and structured way. Design in such a way your mobile marketing where it will define your KPI campaign’s success.

Acquisition – Provide mobile-friendly content for potential customers who are searching for information about your industry or product. Make sure your website is mobile friendly to upgrade mobile SEO.

Engagement – when we are ready to hit mobile devices for marketing purposes. We should understand and acknowledge the display screen and Then make sure that your first page should be zero support feature. Your page should be better than website speed. call to action button should be in mid of announcement information. All the information which is available on the web-page should be easy to read by users.

Customer Service –If we talk about the customer service role in mobile marketing then social media will be a huge engagement for your business. The majority of social media users will be available on mobile devices. Give permission to your customers to easily reach you through any platform they want, including simple click-to-call buttons for smartphone users.

These are some point which needs to be updated while creating KPI

  • Conversion through email messages
  • Traffic to sales
  • Qualified prospects
  • Brand value
SET Win-Win Goals strategy

The key to defining an effective strategy is to first decide what success looks like. Get the key stakeholders together to map your mobile marketing strategy. Identify goals by asking your team some of these questions

What are we currently doing for mobile?

This will define your starting point, and make sure everyone is on the same page as you begin.

If you are already doing it, how is that prelude performing?

This conversation will identify what is precisely already working and what is not, and what’s not even being measured.

What are your exact objectives for adding mobile marketing to your overall strategy?

Discuss why you’re thinking about mobile now, what conversations you’ve had and what you expect from mobile marketing. Who are your key audiences for mobile marketing?

Guide more about the mobile update to your customer.

How similar or different is each persona’s mobile usage?

How are you engaging your mobile audience cross-channel? It will help to analyze which channels you’re currently using can be included in your mobile marketing strategy.

Tips for Mobile marketingPush Notifications

Push notifications are alerts or messages delivered by your app to all users. These all messages appear on the home screen of a user’s mobile device regardless of whether the user is engaged with the app or even has it open. For a push notification to work, the user should have already downloaded your app and needs to agree to allow push notifications. Luckily, there are 70% of mobile users click on allow push notifications.

Push notifications examples

  • Reminders to your users
  • Promotional messages to an existing target audience
  • Calls-to-action for specific announcement, events or goals
  • Highly personalized messages based on user profiles
In-App Notifications

In-app interaction, you are targeting your user attention with few actions, and features within the app, and are opportunities for you to engage your users. All messages give you the opportunity to be much more personal and creative than with SMS or push notifications because the user is already in your app and you aren’t limited by space contingency or message volume issues.

Here are three ways you can take advantage of in-app notifications:

  • Introduce new app features to your users.
  • Send messages to promote engagement with selected content pieces.
  • Drive conversions by delivering targeted CTAs (call to action) at specific levels of engagement.

Push and in-app notification can be very powerful to reach your customer audience.

SMS and MMS Marketing-

SMS stands for "short messaging service". It really creates a context that how personal mobile marketing can be used because you are sending a message directly to a customer or potential customers on their personal device.SMS (short messaging service) and MMS(Multimedia messaging service) are powerful channels for mobile device marketing. Over 3.6 billion people are able to receive SMS messages, and 90% of those messages are opened within three minutes (according to research, compared to 90 minutes for the average email). Consider:

  • SMS open rate is 98% compared to 22% for emails.
  • Text SMS can be 8x very effective at engaging customers.
  • They make direct purchases after receiving an SMS-branded text and it is 50% of consumers in the U.S.

Informant fact for SMS and MMS marketing

  • The text should be under 160 characters.
  • Don’t use slang words or briefs.
  • Offer the recipient something of worth.
  • Make it clear and easy the message.
Mobile-Friendly web/App

A mobile-friendly website is no longer an optional task for marketing and promotion for your product and service. Now it’s a must. If your website engagement is more powerful in the mobile device is a factor of ranking in a better position. It means a brand’s site should have adapted to mobile devices in order to stay and be competitive.

If it’s your website is mobile-friendly for your mobile search engine include-

  • Content should fit on the screen from all the side-scrolling or zooming.
  • Content loads must be quick.
  • Site returns should be no mobile-specific errors.
Mobile Metrics Monitor

Google Analytics can provide you information about how much mobile usage of your site:

Mobile behavior data reveals how well your mobile content has been written for your audience.

Mobile conversion data will inform us whether or not some of your key landing pages still need to be optimized for mobile browsing or not?

Adding the Device Category field to the Site Content dashboard will show the amount and quality of mobile traffic on each page of your site.

The table will display the most visited pages on your website per device, so you can see how mobile usage affects your web traffic.

That information can give you a hint that which search queries may be leading mobile traffic to your site, what kind of content you are using it.

Social Media:

If you are also targeting your audience through mobile devices. you are well aware that mobile marketing has now truly come in trends and is the most important thing today. mobile users are spending more time on social channels nowadays. Social media plays a vital role in mobile marketing. You could use this similitude of mobile social networking to your advantage and gain vastness from it. Here is how you can benefit from using mobile marketing through social networking. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, these social media channels are the main focus app to target through a social media channel.

  • Reachability
  • The Personal Touch
  • High Degree of Publicity
  • Strength in Numbers
  • Long-Lasting Relationship
  • The Spirit of Participation
  • Highly Targeted Marketing
  • Real-Time Performance

We had explained to you that Understanding Mobile Devices Mobile Marketing and Social Media what is link juice, and the importance of domain and page authority. If you have any doubt, then you can comment in the below section. Feel free to ask, we will reply as soon as we can. Stay with us. We are here to introduce the Basics of Digital Marketing to advance of Digital marketing.

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