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Top 5 Ideas for Marketers to Make an Attractive PowerPoint Presentation

Author: Skillfin Learning
by Skillfin Learning
Posted: Mar 07, 2020
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For marketing and business progress, PowerPoint presentation plays a significant role. Whether it is a seminar, a new business presentation, interview with a client or a webinar, presentations can be a real distinguishing factor.

The reality is that not every marketer is capable of making motivating presentations like Steve Jobs. This article tries to curate the top 5 tips to make an attractive marketing presentation. Apart from these tips, marketers can learn more marketing presentation skills from PowerPoint training courses.

Take time to create quality content

An attractive PowerPoint presentation begins and finishes with quality content. A marketer should spend several hours analyzing, writing and brainstorming to make a presentation appreciable, understandable and to the point.PowerPoint Training Online teaches the strategy of content analysis from scratch.

Begin with an outline

Starting a presentation with a concise overview of the important points which give an outline to the topic of the presentation is quite important. The crucial thing is to get the main key ideas on paper and arrangement of thoughts before making slides because slides endorse the PowerPoint presentation. Furthermore, this helps in keeping the flow of the presentation.

Consider the 3-tier structure

Although not all presentations can fit easily within the 3-tier structure, but this is usually a good way to organize. Moreover, a marketer can learn a detailed division of presentation from PowerPoint training courses to make the PowerPoint presentation more attractive.

Tier-1: Tier-1 includes the brief introduction of the presentation. This is how a marketer receives the attention of the viewers and gives them an idea of what will come from it and of course a reason to listen.

Tier-2: Tier-2 is the middle part in which a marketer can retain the interest of viewers. Usually, Tier-2 has more of presenting challenges and proposing solutions for the same. Here, a marketer can build the argument and sell the rewards by his/her communication skills or persuasion power.

Tier-3: This is the final tier in which a marketer fixes the problem and recalls the viewers; the key points of the presentation and leave a call-to-action option to the crowd.

Incorporate gripping visuals

Messages supplemented by images, animations and graphs always grab more attention and have a higher recall value level than words. For a marketer, it is necessary to use high-quality images or animations and avoid copyrighted or watermarked images. As one major point on every slide, you choose a large and powerful picture over several smaller images. The trick is to pick the most convincing photographs and visuals that convey the message you are trying to make. Marketers can take any PowerPoint training online to get the skills of visual enhancement of presentation.

Don’t read, but to engage with the audience

Reading the PowerPoint presentation not only makes the audience bored but also gives the impression that a marketer has no knowledge of his/her subject. You need to be proactive because interacting with the audience is crucial for a marketer. Several tips are here:

  • Demonstrate your character, enthusiasm and passion for the presentation
  • Have an eye-contact with members
  • Cast the speech, a little more then you think it should be
  • Walk around the platform and connect your ideas
  • Don’t speak too quickly or too slow
  • Take a short break after making a major announcement
These are the top 5 ideas to make a PowerPoint presentation attractive. However, a marketer can enroll in any PowerPoint training courses to find hundreds of such ways to make a presentation attractive.
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