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Hungry Dragon v2.3 Full Mod Apk

Author: Danu Aji
by Danu Aji
Posted: Jan 10, 2020
hungry dragon

There are many game genres today, one of which is action and arcade found in Hungry Dragon. You can play both of these features, but you must first download the latest Unlimited Hungry Dragon V2.3 Full Mod Apk.

Hungry Dragon v2.3 Review Full Latest Unlimited Apk Mod

Hungry Dragon allows players to control a ferocious dragon, blow it away and devour enemies. The background of this game is a medieval world filled with unexpected prey.

In this game, you will befriend a cute dragon named Nibbler. Even though it looks adorable, it's not an ordinary dragon. He always felt hungry and wanted to eat everything. Preferred foods are birds, mountain animals and small animals.

For this version of "Mod", there are various advantages offered. For example, a super stunning and beautiful graphic display. In addition, there are cool costumes, exotic pets and many others. All survival modes can also be opened without having to hit the target.

Another convenience is that you can play the role of 10 hungry and angry dragons. Navigate the dragon to eat all the prey along the way until it runs out. All types of dragons, can be opened for free in this mod version.

The more prey that is eaten, then you will get many points. Then. feel the experience of playing full of challenges.

Existing Features in Hungry Dragon v2.3 Full Mod Latest Unlimited Apk

With the many features available in the game Hungry Dragon makes users feel comfortable to linger using it. As:

  1. Dragon characters and costumes have various levels, ranging from xS (very small), S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large) and XL (Monsters). To get this skin, you must eat all living creatures and also to raise the level of the dragon.
  2. Players get a Pet Dragon that has different skills. For example, adding blood, attacks, defenses, coins, magnets, reducing bomb damage and others. Players can get this pet by getting eggs in the area or buy them using Gems (with the mod version being free).
  3. Has more than 100 locked dragons that can be opened and played during matches with this mod version. Each dragon has special abilities that can provide opportunities to win more.
  4. Players can use coins to buy items in the shop, for example costumes.
  5. Has the best graphic quality and is definitely very riveting.
  6. Unlimited gold and gems.
  7. Can open all costumes.
  8. Unlimited Health and High Damage.
  9. The ability to breathe fire and bite is also unlimited.
  10. Unlimited Item Revives.

How to Play Hungry Dragon v2.3 Full Mod Latest Unlimited Apk

Hungry Dragon allows players to fly dragons and eat whatever they want. Eating a lot means that points are also gained a lot. Don't forget to collect gold to unlock other locked dragons.

Players must be able to control the dragon to eat all living creatures along the way, including humans. However, you cannot prey on great food than the character itself at the beginning of the game. Hunt down the little prey to raise the level of the dragon.

On the right side of the screen there are two bars. First, the Life Bar functions to show live information of the dragon. The sign will show decreasing until the dragon stops eating. Second, the Booster Bar as a pointer to improve the performance and efficiency of the kite by placing two fingers on the symbol.

To be able to overcome all obstacles along the way, players can use special fire fighting skills. When the "Storm" is full, shoot to destroy dangerous enemies. You can equip the bar by eating special creatures or try Redcurrant.

Then, Mega Firestorm will automatically activate after you successfully complete the Fire Storm challenge 8 times. With these skills, players can kill all living things.

In this game, there are a number of things to avoid when a dragon is still small. For example, witches, soldiers and other dragons. If you get poisoned, it will get hurt. There is also a large yellow mine that must be avoided, because it can explode and hurt.

Players can now unlock new kites or expand them. In order to get money quickly the way is to complete the search in the game. Before starting the level, a task appears. Complete the task and get extra points.

You can also get additional strength with the help of eggs from pets. The bigger the dragon, the more animals it has. Get rare "purple" pets by buying gems.

Buy dragon eggs with different and random levels, for example Common, Rare, Epick and Legends. In addition, you also have to buy a variety of m

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