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A Short Guide On Carton Closing Staplers and Carton Staples

Author: Ism Staples
by Ism Staples
Posted: Jan 20, 2020

Choosing a carton closer that meets your requirements can be dicey. There is a variety of options including hog ring stapler, side and tray carton stapler, top carton stapler, bottom carton stapler, etc., that fill specific users’ requirements. Here is a guide that can help you decide which type meets your objectives.

Top Corrugated Stapler :

The top stapler is the most widely used carton closing stapler and is even popularly called a carton closer. Especially designed for fastening and securing the lids of cartons. It functions in the following manner: The stapler drives the staple through the corrugated material layers and clinches the legs under the carton lids to fabricate a secure and a strong closed box.

Also, the top staplers provide you the privilege to alter the penetration depth of the staple, in other words, you can adjust it to fit your carton. The closing method provides you a fast, environmental, value for money, and the most secure way to close your packaging.

Bottom Corrugated Stapler :

Bottom carton staplers look and function in a fascinating way. The stapler may be ignored at times yet it is one of the most important when it comes to packaging with staples. This class of stapler also called a foot stapler is employed to close or seal the bottom of corrugated boxes.

To use it an operator requires to invert the empty carton and put the flaps properly on the post. When the foot pedal of the stapler is depressed (or foot switch is activated, for the pneumatic operated), the stapling head comes down and applies the carton staple firmly on to the bottom flaps.

Bottom carton stapler can commonly be identified with the help of 3 classifications: the genre of staples it utilizes, the method it employs for operation, and the parts of a box it staples.

Bottom staplers come in two styles post or side-arm. A post stapler is a stapler that is used to close or seal the bottom of corrugated carton boxes utilizing post, that allows crushing the staple into its staple shape, when the stapler head is pressed down by employing the foot lever.

Sidearm model is a device employed to staple the sides of corrugated carton boxes or trays with the help of a sidearm. A post stapler is unable to staple the side of a box since the post gets in the way.

Pneumatic Carton Closing Stapler :

For higher volumes involving static workstations, a pneumatic carton closing corrugated stapler is a dependable closing method. It improves productivity, minimize operator fatigue, and provides a steady and improved clinch quality in comparison to manual staplers.

Although the setting up cost is higher, but the money invested is recovered quickly with dependable results. For the end, consumer the stapler is a sign of a professional operation. Another outstanding feature of a pneumatic carton closer is that you can integrate it into a production line, in other words, you can automize your carton closing.

Carton Closing Staples :

Carton closing staples are specifically designed to optimize the design of the box that requires closing. They reinforce the original box design so it can protect the content against the obstacles it faces, on its transit from manufacturer to the consumer. It can withstand cold, heat, or damp and will keep the packaging secure the entire distance.

A top-grade carton staple offers benefits that a low-grade cannot offer. Regardless of what your carton is made of mixed, recycled, or low-quality corrugated material it will hold firm and keep it secure all through the journey.

Conclusion :

Once you have read the brief guide you will get a good idea about carton closing staplers, their key features, and carton closing staples.

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ISM Enterprises, a one of the leading manufacturing carton closing company in USA who work on this for more than 80 years.

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