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Learning Bonsai Care

Author: Cristina Tinsley
by Cristina Tinsley
Posted: Aug 01, 2014
bonsai trees

When folks think of a bonsai they envision a lot of work and maintenance, that is quite wrong. Since bonsai is planted in little pots, it's merely practical to follow some guidelines on how you can fertilize, repot and water your small trees.

Fundamental bonsai care

It's important to remember that every bonsai is different and thus may desire different watering and feeding patterns.

Appropriate watering of bonsai

Many plants and trees must be watered each day, yet seeing as a bonsai is fairly small they are able to usually go several days without water (depending on the species). When checking the ground to see whether it needs water just stick your finger into it, if it feels quite slightly moist or dry afterward it needs a watering.


Bonsai trees are put in a little pot wherein little amount of earth is needed. Because not all needed nutrients are in a small amount of land, it is critical to place fertilizer frequently to replenish the lost nutrients. You can pretty much use any kind of fertilizer that promotes development although there are specific ones for bonsai trees. Be sure that you consistently follow the instructions of the fertilizer, although I usually start with a lower concentration percentage of fertilizer than what's advocated.

Temperature, place and sun

When deciding where to put your bonsai you need to take your time and choose carefully. One mistake on the place, it can undermine the growth of the tree. If you used a tropical tree, make sure it is placed in an environment which is warm. Typically most bonsai trees can withstand a cold environment (other than the tropical ones) and can easily live outside in natural conditions, just make sure it receives enough sun.

Using the Proper Soil

You must pick the correct bonsai earth and can't use average potting mix. As with all plants, the earth includes the nutrients the bonsai must survive. Nonetheless, without appropriate draining of water through its earth it can damage the tree and cause it to drown. Now, Bonsai shops have their easily mixed soil but to save additional money, it is possible to find out how to combine the different kinds of soil so you can fix its texture according to your own pot and the tree itself. You must have these qualities in your land:

  • Capable to drain excess water to avoid drowning of the tree-- Light earth so the plant can grow freely and air can travel through the earth

An excellent quality of organic soil has the capability allowing the water to travel freely to ensure that the roots can appreciate the nutrients that water brings. Using an undesirable quality soil isn't a good idea as it leads to awful water and air circulation and the tree can readily become sick.

Here are some more resources about growing bonsai; How to grow bonsai and Grow Bonsai at home

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