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5 reasons why coffee pods are worth your time

Author: Jackson Gilbert
by Jackson Gilbert
Posted: Jan 25, 2020
coffee pods

Coffee pods are a single-serve pod that brews enough coffee for one portion. The coffee pods are biodegradable paper pouches that you either dip in hot water to brew your coffee or use a single-serve pod brewer.

They are available in the market in tons of flavors and roast. But the main question surrounding coffee pods is- are they good and can they replace the traditional coffee brewing method? Well, they certainly have their charm and are convenient. But the world has enough coffee drinkers that the traditional espresso and other coffee brewing methods won’t disappear.

Coffee pods are convenient, easy to carry and make. Thus, they are popular amongst the masses. Here are five reasons why coffee pods are worth your time.

Using them means less cleaning and waste

If you are pouring hot water on the coffee pod, there will be no wastage or mess of any kind. If you are using a single-serve coffee pod brewer, there would be waste and you would require cleaning, but only a little.

You only need to pour water in the machine which has the pod; it will brew on its own. Since, the ground beans are contained inside the pod, there would be no leakage or spillages or tamping. All this means that you can enjoy your cup of coffee without worrying about making a mess and cleaning it.

They remain fresh for long

Coffee pod’s beans are secured inside the pouch which comes in another packet. You will open them only when you are about to make a cup, not before that. It will keep the aroma and flavors packed in the capsule until you use it. It means that your coffee will be fresh and full of flavors till long.

The same is not true for normal coffee beans. Once you open the pouch or bottle, it does lose some flavors and aroma, no matter which container you use.

They are convenient

They are becoming more popular and commercial because they are convenient to use. With a single button, an individual or a restaurant owner can make a quality cup of coffee. You don’t have to hire a barista with special skills or use big machines. Also, it is easy to create flavored coffee with one touch only.

They save time

The traditional method of brewing an espresso takes more than 2-3 minutes. It can be a problem when you have more customers and less time. But using a coffee pod, you can make a quality espresso in less than a minute. It saves time and is efficient.

Easy to carry

For people who love to hike or are always on the move, coffee pods are great. They are light-weight and you don’t require lots of things to make a decent cup of coffee. Being a coffee lover it's hard not to drink coffee for even one day but you can take coffee pods with you everytime when you plan for hiking.

Buys coffee pods online and share your thoughts in comments on how their taste felt to you.

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