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Patrick Stewart Meets Marvel Studios for X-Men Movies

Author: Paul Smith
by Paul Smith
Posted: Jan 25, 2020
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Patrick Stewart tells he talked to Kevin Feige as well as Marvel Studios for the future X-Men films; however, he does not intend to come back as Professor X.

Patrick Stewart stated he had a meeting with Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige regarding the X-Men films; however, is not intending to make a return to play for Professor X in the movie. Together with Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart has the Guianese world record for the most prolonged occupation of a live-action superhero in Marvel, having portrayed as telepath Charles Xavier as well as the X-Men’s head for 17 years. Whether the outcome is good or bad, Stewart finished his career as the Charles Xavier in 2017’s Logan. In 2017, Disney also started its deal for Fox as well as to get the privileges to cast Fantastic Four and X-Men into their Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Though Marvel Studios authenticated its campaign to get the X-Men inside the MCU movies in San Diego’s Comic-Con of 2019, the FOX franchise is likely to obtain a solid restart after the end of FOX’s rights to use Marvel stories and characters. The only left film that has FOX’s right is The New Mutants even after the deal since the film started and developed before the deal confirmed, Fox with Josh Boone delayed the movie for too long and finally now it is going to release in April. It has been stated that the horror genre mutant film will introduce a fresh storyline from the previous X-Men movies if Feige intends to collapse New Mutants characters in the MCU on a specific occasion like in Phase 5.

While talking with Digital Spy, Stewart told in the report that he had a chit chat with Feige a few months back and had a long, long discussion with him regarding X-Men upcoming projects. He also said that in the meeting, we talked about "moves and suggestions, that also consider Charles Xavier." However, earlier than anybody gets deeper into that, Stewart spoke he does not intend to appear as Professor X in future MCU films, stating, "Here is the issue… In case we had not created 2017’s Logan, in that case, yes, I could most likely get prepared to dig up into the popular advanced wheelchair for one or maybe even more occasion. But due to the 2017’s Logan movie, we can’t do that for now after that all".

His report was a reply to one of the comments about Stewart regarding Logan and the X-Men films, as well as Star Trek, forward to his highly praised homecoming as Captain Jean in Luc Picard at this weekend in Star Trek: Picard TV series opening. While Stewart realized he had formerly ended his career as Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis 2002, he was utterly fulfilled with his ending in Logan. In actual fact, it was due to his excellent experience and remarkable end in the Logan film, but he is concerned about returning as Picard in the upcoming Star Trek project.

It is hard to disagree with Fox’s old Charles Xavier at this point. 2017’s Logan film made his Fox’s Professor X as sensitively potent a wrapping up as whichever movie most likely could, and reviving him in the future Marvel movies of MCU could be hazardous after his sad and remarkable death. It is now clear that the success of Dark Phoenix last year at the box office was happened due to the Logan film cleared the concludes the Fox age of X-Men film for most fans. The making of 2019’s installment felt similar to a late addition rather than something else. Due to that reason, Marvel Studios might be planning to begin the X Men future projects for a clean slate.

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