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How ‘Fix My Credit’ Endeavor Makes You Benefited

Author: Benedict Kemper
by Benedict Kemper
Posted: Jan 26, 2020

Based on the consumer credit report studies convened by the Federal Trade Commission, FTC shows that more than 25% of credit reports received from the credit bureaus contain different sorts of errors. More shockingly, 15-20% of these reports divulge some kind of mistakes, which can affect a consumer credit score while dragging it down by 25 points or even more than that.

Even if, improving your credit score is an effective way to your success and recover your social standing, however, disputing on these erroneous entries produced by credit bureaus, credit card companies and creditors as well as removing them from your credit statement on your own endeavor is likely to be awfully complicated, expensive and time-consuming. Here comes the necessity of having expert services that help you ‘fix my credit’ and benefit you in different ways.

Advantages of ‘Fix My Credit’ Procedure

Boost your creditworthiness

A better credit score with an improved credit background heightens your creditworthiness to prospective creditors as well as demonstrates your uprightness as a borrower for availing a loan, buying a home, or getting a credit card once again.

Payless interest rate

One of the great benefits that you enjoy with ‘fix my credit’ process is that it helps you enjoy low-interest rates on different loans that you require for leading a better lifestyle. The advantage of having a better credit score entitles a borrower toward a lesser interest rate, and thereby with the improved credit score, you start having low-interest rates on your loans.

Stop paying high security

Almost all utility service providers make their consumers with poor credit scores; keep a considerable of security deposits to offset the risk of a possible default. However, once you have a higher credit score, you will get back your security deposit money immediately.

Low credit card interest rates

As most credit card companies provide variable interest rates and determine the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of your credit card according to your credit score and credit history, thereby, with a steady enhancement of your credit score, you can negotiate the rates of interest that you have to pay for your credit card. As an esteemed customer now, you are entertained with a low-interest rate.

Pay lower insurance premium

With ‘fix my credit’ advantage as you pay less interest on loans. Equally, it helps you pay a less insurance premium against your home insurance, auto insurance, or life insurance.

Initiate a business

Having a good credit score makes you a valuable customer to your lenders. So, with a steady score point, now you can easily avail a business loan from public banks or private lenders with a low-interest rate and relaxing payment terms and start your business project

Stop Debt Collectors Harassment

Until you clear your debts against your credit cards and other loans, you will be constantly harassed over phones, loads of reminders and letters to immediately clear all dues in your account. However, once you pay and ‘fix my credit,’ you will not be harassed anymore.

Get a good Job

The majority of employers, these days, prefer verifying the credit score of candidates prior to appointing them. So, as a poor credit score may deprive you of a lucrative job, once you regain a good credit score, you become trustworthy to your prospective employers.

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