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What An Entrepreneur Needs To Know Before Developing A Mobile App?

Author: Techugo Agency
by Techugo Agency
Posted: Oct 05, 2020

Being a millennial, a dream which grows forever with you is to set up a business, which would change the future of the world and yours too.


But hey wait!!! Nothing gets successful without a proper planning and the strategies to be included in it…

My sincere apologies if I have caused you get upset or panicked, but believe me my intent had not been of that sort; rather I want to bring your attention towards the steps which can help your startup to get highly acclaimed and popular with the integration of the right set of strategies.

To initiate I would like to mention the technology which can help your startup to grow further, and that is possible only with the app technology.

Yes, an app for your startup can help it solve various issues in no time, and your business would start to grow exponentially.

Hmmm, quite interesting, but how to address this demand???

I very much knew and was quite prepared for this question to come up, and that’s the reason, I have decided to come up here with this post today…so just stay tuned further…


Well, to start with, this is a very common issue faced by the app owners during the app development process, since there is lack of information available with them, so they proceed with the first come and first serve basis concept, and do not give attention to other aspects.

No prize for guessing but this situation lands them in a situation which would only help them making an app, not the successful mobile app.

Thus being a non-tech individual or technically proficient individual, there are certain factors you must be aware of and must ask yourself before making a visit to your app developer.

Let’s read ahead…

  • Can I Pick Any App Platform?

App platform and app OS are two different aspects, so you must not get confused with either. There are various app platforms in the market and your app development company.

might suggest you go with the one which suits their expertise, but you should know that Native platform is the best out of all for you, since it holds the number of benefits for your mobile app concept and your business respectively.

On the other hand, the app OS selection largely depends on the demographic needs of your app. Largely there are two major OSs Android and iOS ruling the current market, but you must pick the Android or iOS based on the users’ demand…lemme explain you how, if your targeted audience is generally from the USA or the European market, then proceeding with the iOS merely, would not be a wrong choice, but if your users are from the Asian or specifically middle east then the combination of both the OS must be picked.

  • What Will Be The App Cost???

The app cost is the factor which would trouble you with the most, but you don't need to get panic at all and the reason is very simple, the cost of your mobile app, varies and depends on the various factors, including the number of features, functionalities, type of technology and the selection of number of OS.

  • When My App Will Be Ready???

A very logical question it is, since you have to plan out a number of factors related to marketing and promotion for your business, on the basis of app launch, so when you decide to proceed with the app development process, you must be aware of the usual time-frame your mobile app would consume, so just to update you that a basic app would consume around 4-6 weeks to develop, but a complex app with many features and functionalities would take 2-3 months or more than that even.

So if you truly want to control your app development time, and want your app to get ready early, then you must include least number of features and the functionalities into your app.

  • Can My App Make Money???

Of course, your app can make money and will make money as well, so get a curve line on your lips finally J

But there are a couple of app monetization strategies which you must consider and pick accordingly…below I have mentioned a few of the most prominent app monetization strategies…please check…

  1. In-App Advertising- With this strategy, some mobile ads would appear on your app.
  2. Freemium – It is indeed a Free version for the basic app only, and if the user wants to access the "advanced" or "premium" features, then users need to make the payment.
  3. In-App Purchases-through this feature; your app makes profits by selling of virtual goods, like extra lives or in-game currency.
  4. Sponsorships - With this, you can partner with advertisers and reward your users when they complete certain actions within the app.
  • How To Select An App Partner???

This question holds the answer too…look closely J

It is written an app partner, not the app development company, which means clearly that if your selected app company does not have the experience, skills and the caliber to handle your app project just like their own project, expecting the success to knock on your door is next to impossible.

My recommendation suggests proceeding with an app partner, which has the required experience of delivering the successful mobile apps to different industry sectors and also who can benefit your app with the number of valuable suggestions and the opinions to help your mobile app to grow further.

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Techugo is the ideal mobile app services provider for your specific business goals. They have the team of experienced developers, designers and marketers to help you carve out the scalable and robust app solutions fitting your business requirements.

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