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Why Use Sunglasses With Polarized Lenses?

Author: Leonord Audy
by Leonord Audy
Posted: Feb 03, 2020
polarized sunglasses

Often we get the question ‘why sunglasses with polarized lenses?’ or ‘what is polarized sunglasses’?

To get-to-the-point right away, the difference is in the lenses. Polarizing sunglasses include a polarization filter in addition to a UV filter. This polarization filter removes the horizontal light so that the carrier mainly observes vertical light. This difference is especially noticeable in the case of sun sparkles due to different surfaces. Think of glares of water, paint from your just-washed car or snow on the ski slope. For people who are often on their way, practice water sports or go on winter sports, polarized sunglasses are therefore not an unnecessary luxury.

In the images below, we try to clarify the difference between ordinary sunglasses and polarized sunglasses:

Polarized sunglasses guarantee less tired eyes. Enhance sharpness and contrast, allowing colors to be observed faithfully!

Of course, polarizing sunglasses like regular sunglasses have tinted glasses. This absorbs part of the sunlight. The reflected light will be filtered on the one hand by the polarization filter and on the other hand by the tinted glasses of your polarized sunglasses.

How do you recognize polarized sunglasses?

Often in the glasses glass, a P or the text Polarized

You may see the LCD display of your mobile or Tomtom, for example, as a dark plane until you rotate the device 90 degrees

You can grab two polarized glasses and keep them above each other. By turning the glasses you will see that the lenses change color.

Your image is a lot better. Take a look at the photo at this blog post!

Is polarized sunglasses better than regular sunglasses?

Unlike UV radiation, glares are not dangerous to your eyes. A polarized sunglasses is therefore not immediately safer. However, you can say that polarized sunglasses look a lot quieter and therefore a lot more pleasant in front of your eyes. Polarizing sunglasses prevent annoying glares from getting into your eyes. Polarized lenses are the best lenses that protect you from glare. Very nice when you are driving… no more bothered by the glares of other cars!

So you can treat yourself to a little extra luxury.

The GoVision Royale HD Video Recording Sunglasses are the Polarized Unisex Wearable Camera on the market today. This super slim design is thinner than your iPhone X, water-resistant, durable and lightweight.

This new Ultra HD 1080P Video Recording Sunglasses is equipped with easy One Touch Operation to shoot video and photograph with the touch of a button. It has a built-in HD microphone and records sounds up to 20ft. UV 400 polarized lenses are shatter-resistant protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays while reducing glares providing the best color, contrast, and clarity.

Simple sharing allows for faster data transfer using our data transfer cable. Move your videos and photos easily. Compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and other editing software.

Disadvantages polarized sunglasses:
  • Polarized glasses are often slightly more expensive than ordinary sunglasses

  • Products that already have a polarizing surface (monitors) can darken

  • You never want to ;) any different

Advantages polarized sunglasses:
  1. More comfortable visibility with clearer contrast.
  2. Polarized sunglasses guarantee less tired eyes.
  3. UV400 Protection.
  4. Fewer glares due to polarization filter (blocking of horizontal light).
  • 5.Bright natural colors.

  • 6.Safer Due to Better Visibility

  • General Usage of polarized sunglasses

  • Polarized sunglasses are ideal for motorbikes and bike cycling, driving, running, fishing, golf, racing, skiing, climbing, walking or other outdoor activities.

  • The difference between polarized sunglasses and general sunglasses

    1. First, the polarized glasses and the general sunglasses have the function of preventing ultraviolet rays and reducing light intensity, but sunglasses, in general, do not have the function of separating or transforming polarized light, which is the difference between sunglasses Polarian and general (non-polarized) sunglasses. Thus, overall sunglasses are relatively cheaper than polarized sunglasses.

    1. Polarized sunglasses have special filter material, which can filter and reflect light, reduce visual fatigue, vertigo prevention, and can block the brightness caused by scattering, flexibility, reflection, etc. UV radiation light completely damaging to the eye-man
    2. in our lives there are ultra-violet rays and brightness, the existence of these lights will make our eyes tired, affect the clarity of the object, and a polaron can filter the glass, while the polarized sunglasses and sunglasses that are not Polarized resolve differently because the special design of the Polarized lens allows only parallel light to pass through the lens so that when the two lenses are placed vertically, most of the light will be blocked.
    3. The polarator is produced in accordance with the principle of light polarization. Visible light is transsexual waves, its vibration direction is perpendicular to the direction of spread, the direction of natural light vibration, and the aircraft in the vertical intervention direction is arbitrary. For polarized light, the direction of vibration is limited to a given direction at a given time.
  • Conclusion:-

  • Most new polarized sunglasses come with stickers on one of the lenses that indicate that the glasses are polarized. All quality manufacturers carve the word Polarised or letter P into the lower edge of the left lens and on the handle itself. As a result, even if you bought the glasses a few months or years ago, it's possible that a quick scan can reveal clues you've never noticed before.

    I hope that you find out all about polarized sunglasses and that you have all the information for the selection of polarized glasses from the rich selection of GovisionUSA.

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