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HIPAA Violation - Why They Occur and What To Do About Them

Author: Robert Byrd
by Robert Byrd
Posted: Feb 08, 2020

A HIPAA violation is a huge concern for people that practice health care. It is important to understand the specifics of this agreement so that you can make the right decisions about whether or not you need to file a lawsuit against the person responsible for violating your privacy. While it is true that many different reasons may cause a violation, the basic premise is that there has been a breach of the security of your health information and this information has been shared without your permission with another party without your knowledge.HIPAA violations are almost always unintentional, but they may have one of several motivations for doing so. It is important to know what these motives are before you begin an investigation because there are things that can be done by the person who violated your privacy that will prevent you from being sued.The most basic purpose of a violation is to let someone go that should not have had access to your information in the first place. This may include employees that were fired, consumers that were diagnosed with a serious disease and did not have their medical information shared, or employees who were fired for negligence. You want to find out how and why someone was allowed to take this personal information and share it with another party without your consent.Violations can also occur when people violate the rules about how their information is used. If they leave patient records out on a work station or send important files to an inappropriate location, they will most likely be subject to the possibility of a violation.Many violations are inadvertent and don't mean anything malicious at all. However, even if the violation is not intentional, you may still want to file a complaint with the authority in charge of enforcing the HIPAA privacy provisions.HIPAA violations occur frequently, and it is important to know where to report them so that you can ensure that the proper authorities are notified immediately. You need to be certain that your personal information was never put at risk and that you will be notified as soon as possible.While most violations are unintentional, some may be justifiable, such as those caused by employee misconduct. If you believe that your information has been mishandled by your employer, you may want to look into the possibility of filing a complaint.It is also important to understand that many violations can be avoided if you use caution. Even if you think that you are protected from a HIPAA violation, you may want to follow these steps to help protect yourself.The most common goal of the violation is to leave a person or company in the dark about their information. In other words, if you are in the process of hiring someone or if you are enrolling someone in a new program, the violation may be to prevent you from knowing that your personal information was improperly used.If you are concerned about your information and have concerns about a HIPAA violation, you need to act immediately. Unfortunately, there are very few time frames in which you will be able to protect yourself without filing a complaint.There are many ways to avoid a HIPAA violation. If you have made a mistake in your decision to get insurance, contact your agent to see if you can pay a lower rate, or if you have not completed your pre-existing condition evaluation, you will want to work closely with your agent to ensure that your information remains private.


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