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Author: Australia Eta
by Australia Eta
Posted: Feb 08, 2020

The 100 best voices in music history

It's the singer, not the song: These are the 100 best singers of all time - from Ian Curtis and Michael Stipe to King Krule and Justin Vernon to Aretha Franklin and Donna Summer - if it is up to us.

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1 in 100

100. Udo Jürgens: His songs oscillate between pop, jazz, and pop, socially critical with smug irony. In his voice, which he struggled with: always rely on. Nobody can rave so beautifully and say so much truth. (Sw)

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The soul of Aretha Franklin. The diversity of Freddie Mercury. Kurt Cobain's resentment: The voice is the engine of pop music. Not only because it tells us something, it carries a message; but mainly because of it conveys feelings that no instrument can. The 100 singers on this list do it best - we think.


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1. Freddie Mercury

The sustained power of Farrokh Bulsara's mostly tenor voice can best be seen at a fraction of a minute after his premature demise: At his a tribute concert in his honor on April 20, 1992, the almost equally gifted George Michael interrupted his emotional version of "Somebody To Love ", the microphone handed over to the fans at the end of the break: 72,000 visitors sang the elongated last" love "to him, safe and sound. Michael later described the song as the most difficult he has ever had to sing and the moment as the most overwhelming of his career.

Mercury himself once said about his three-octave voice that it feeds on the energy of the audience: "The better they are, the better I am," an upward spiral. His favorite singer Robert Plant, one of the numerous guest stars on that day, noticed that many of the songs performed had to be transferred to other keys in advance since hardly anyone could take Mercury's place. Although Mercury himself always stressed that he was a musical whore who made music like disposable razors, disposable pops, Queen is still one of the most popular bands in the world 27 years after it ended.

The greatest rock'n'roll vocal virtuoso ever

Most recently, her 1981 published GREATEST HITS was in the top 40 of the UK charts in its 815th week. The group owes this record success primarily to Mercury's voice. In 2016, a team of researchers pursued their magic and came to the conclusion that mercury's singing activated the so-called undertones, which sound an octave below the actual tone and are caused by throat singing. The study also demonstrated that Mercury's 7.04 Hz vocal cords produced significantly more vibrations per second than usual. So so!

Blessed by nature, his multifaceted character set him apart from all other talented singers. Roger Daltrey called him the greatest rock'n'roll vocal virtuoso of all time: "He was able to change his style from line to line." Mercury is convincing in metal, in 50s rock, in a funk, in falsetto disco, in music Hall, in the musical, in the opera. His voice carried him as a wide-legged macho rocker, as an over-the-top bon vivant, as an eternally seeking lover, as king of the world and despite all despair dignified beyond its end, true to the "Innuendo" song "You can be anything you want to be, just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be ". Freddie Mercury as a singer was everything everyone else would have liked to be. srr

The moment: The "Alternative Version" of "It's Late", released with last year's deluxe reissue of NEWS OF THE WORLD: After a short, casual singing in, Mercury ignites a vocal storm that pulls you out of any context.

2. Aretha Franklin

There are sentences that say themselves when you are called Aretha Franklin. Sentences like: "Being a singer is a natural talent." It was probably the same with her: a gift from some god or cosmic being. The tremendous power of her voice earned her the indisputable title as "Queen Of Soul". This power - that's not just the volume. This is also the sparkling clean technique with which it can shoot up from a dark murmur into the thin air of a vibrating falsetto. The subtleties in the intonation. And above all, this self-assurance that is in every tone: in the Swagger from "Respect" as well as in the tender romance of "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman".

Without her, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys would be inconceivable. The way she seemed to put her soul out into the reverberation of her voice tells of a great, unifying female superpower. It does something to a woman (maybe also to a man) when Aretha chants in the chorus of "Think": "Freedom, oh freedom, give yourself freedom!"

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