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Generator Sub-Base Tanks Made of Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Author: Brandon Hefner
by Brandon Hefner
Posted: Feb 08, 2020
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Our society is surrounded by a myriad of things that run from electricity. Whether you look at your home’s light or the operation of a large production machine, most of the units work merely when there is electricity available. Generators have become significantly important in the modern world. They provide auxiliary electric power whenever there are blackouts or power cuts at a manufacturing setting, building or in a house. Atlantic Coastal Welding has been manufacturing generator tanks made of quality aluminum and stainless steel materials for many years.

There are certain areas where it is impossible to operate a business without having auxiliary power system. Energy is needed to perform tasks but when there is a power outage, the operations stop. Fortunately, generators act as life-saviors for employers who hire workers on high payrolls and expect them to work without taking many breaks. If you run a company, you want your team to be focused and productive. Power cuts prove to be bothering for both efficiency of your team and the outcomes they produce.

In order to avoid interruption in your business operations, you need to install power backup. Generators are machines that produce electricity by combustion fuel like diesel and kerosene. There are basically three types of generators - portable, inverter and standby. There are usually three types of generator tanks –

  • Sub-base fuel tanks
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Above-ground storage tanks

We fabricate generator base, sub-bas or belly aluminum fuel tanks. These sub-base tanks are usually of UL-142 standard that typically makes them safe for storing flammable or combustible liquids. The UL-142 standard applies only to aboveground tanks and they should be designed, manufactured, and installed in compliance with NFPA 30.

The belly tanks are mounted below the generator engine typically as a substitute tank that can hold up to 3000 gallons of fuel. Speedytanks have technicians who can customize the shape, size, and capacity of these tanks according to the day-tank and customer’s requirements.

If you’re looking for generator sub-base aluminum fuel tanks, you can contact us. If you need it sooner, you may enroll for our rush-service at deeply discounted rates.

Storage Capacity

Sub-base generator tanks are mounted below the generator engine and can hold anywhere from 100 to 3,000 gallons. The height, length, and width of base-mounted fuel tanks can be customized by boat gas tanks manufacturers or any tank building professionals for a specific capacity or footprint. The capacity of your tank should be measured on the basis of how frequently you will need power-backup from your generator or how long you will need to run the facility.


Electric generators play life-savior role in keeping a company running after a blackout. There are many events when power outage becomes inevitable such as during rainstorm, flood, and hurricane. Though require different types of fuel according to their functionality and model, generators are important secondary resource for power. Generator tanks come in different styles and shapes and made from different materials. The most popular ones are aluminum fuel tanks. You may contact professional tank manufacturers for more information regarding their style and compatibility.

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We take pride in making a superior product at a competitive price. All aluminum, stainless steel and steel tanks that we build tanks out of is made right here in the USA.

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