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The Glory of Steel Structures

Author: Expert Digi
by Expert Digi
Posted: Feb 08, 2020

It is safe to say that steel is one of the world's most trusted materials today. An affirmation of this trust is evident in the construction industry's wide use of steel to create the modern-day infrastructural marvels that have popped up across the world. From New York to Dubai to China, these glistening steel towers have acquired such prominence that they are now regarded as apostles of a futuristic era. However the decision to construct a future from steel was an invariably easy one to make. heavy steel fabrication companies in india strong, sustainable and quick to fabricate are just a few of the features that prompted construction developers to pick steel. While elaborating on what defines steel structures, let us also take a look at the importance of structural steel and what edifices have been wielded from it.

What are steel structures?

Essentially, Industrial Piping in Bangalore any structure that comprises an assemblage of steel components is known as a steel structure. It does not matter if the steel members are in unique shapes or sizes, as long as they can be conjoined together using any one of the scientific techniques such as welding, bolting, or riveting. One of the primary functions of a steel structure is its ability to withstand loads. Furthermore, the high strength of steel allows these structures to be more resilient and reliable in the long run. When it comes to the steel members themselves, I-beams and HSS (Hollow structural sections) are among the commonly fabricated parts. But nowadays, developers also use steel to fulfill their architectural expressiveness which might lend a distinctive look to the final result.

Importance of structural steel

After it was used in modern commercial buildings, structural steel became a huge hit among housing developers as well. This is why it is now seen as one of the most prevalent construction materials to have existed in the past century. It's popularity and subsequent usage is still rising as manufacturing units produced nearly 1,600 million tons of steel in 2016 alone, according to the World Steel Association. But why exactly have developers and contractors taken to this material so quickly? The answer is that it might have something to do with the availability, weight, sustainability, strength, and price of structural steel. Sometimes appearing as a raw alloy or a pre-made component, the fact is that steel is much more available than any other material. This is a major factor for construction firms who are generally looking to finish their projects within a stringent deadline. Besides this, steel is considerably lighter in weight which makes it just as easy to transport or lift to highly elevated places using cranes. Possessing a good recyclability feature also makes steel a popular choice in the midst of a growing climate of environmental awareness. In addition to all of this, structural steel exudes a high strength-to-weight ratio and is often reasonably priced as compared to other construction materials like concrete.

Structural steel requires no further validation than the one that is provided by the existing towers and bridges of the world, whether it is Shenzhen’s all-steel Shun Hing Square Tower or the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

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