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Extend The Life Of Your Airbrush Tan

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Aug 03, 2014
airbrush tans

Airbrush tans are all the rage, and for good reason. They’re far better for your skin than a tanning bed not to mention, they’re much faster to get and easier to maintain. They have much better results than the tanning creams of the past, too, and those who get airbrush tans don’t have to worry about tacky tan lines. All of these are great benefits, but some people overlook proper tan aftercare and are disappointed that their tan fades too quickly. These hints will keep your airbrush tan looking good for up to two weeks.

Immediately After Tanning

Right after tanning, you’ll want to avoid showering, exercising, or doing anything wet or sweaty. Don’t wear tight fitting clothing either. For eight hours, pamper your tan and yourself! Consider it one of the bonuses of getting a tan you’re on vacation for the rest of the night. Once the tan has properly set, move on to the following tips.

Airbrush Tan Upkeep

Stay away from scalding showers and harsh scrubs while you have your tan. The same things that help to exfoliate before tanning can cause the tan you got to lighten or fade. That includes using micro-dermabrasion as well as anti-aging/wrinkle creams and acne treatments. If you must use these products, tell your tanning technician and she can offer to blend your tan on the neck so that you don’t have to tan your face at all and when you towel off after a shower, pat, don’t scrub!

You will be able to baby your skin in another way though moisturize, moisturize, moisture with a water based lotion – no oils. Don’t apply lotions before the tan has set or finished processing thought, you must wait the full 8 hours. After your first rinse, you have free reign to go for it. Not only it will keep your skin look healthy and appealing, the lotion won’t damage your tan and will actually help your tan last longer. Stick to simple, natural moisturizers, not those which contain other chemical treatments like anti agers or acids.

Long swims, especially in salty or chlorinated water can result in fading, too so proceed with caution. A quick dip to cool off won’t hurt anything, though, but if you are getting a spray tan in preparation for vacation, and you plan to swim a lot, know you have a few options. First, you can always be diligent about taking a fresh water rinse right after your dips and applying moisturizer so those drying agents don’t wreak havoc on your first layer of skin – your tan! Second, you can pack along a good self tanner which does wonders to patch up any lost spots, just be sure to ask your technician which product is a good match. The sun-kissed hue of St. Tropez is the closest match to a gorgeous Gotham Glow Airbrush Tan New York.

Hot tubs are a definite no-no, so please be careful to avoid. The combination of heat and chemicals will strip your color off in less than an hour, not to mention strips it off unevenly.

Now we know you don't want that to happen unless, of course, you make another plan to tan. Follow these tips and you'll keep your Gotham Glow Glowing.

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Author: Robert Smith
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