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The reality is that telecards are not free at the time of publication:NEWS

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by SEO Interm
Posted: Feb 29, 2020


If I pay for telecare and the channels will not show

Every operator on the satellite has FTA channels. These are not coded channels transmitted across the public domain. They work for no charge and without an access card. The opposite of these channels is the dollar icon. The list of FTA channels can be viewed on different satellites.

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One of the FTA sites is an information station. If the channel is working, go to it, turn on the "Match TV" or "Russia 1" channel and leave the TV on for 10-15 minutes. During this time, saved channels (opposite the channel's dollar sign) must be activated.Attention! If the "data station" does not display, this means there is no signal from the antenna, or the satellite receiver itself is configured incorrectly. I have written above what to do in this case.

So 15 minutes have passed, nothing happened, reboot the recipient. If you do not turn off the remote, disconnect from the switch and turn it on again in a minute. We're waiting for a new 10-15 minutes.

Make sure the access card is entered correctly. The access card is always held on the Cape. Where the chip should be higher or lower depends on the device model. On some models draw an arrow indicating where the chip should be positioned.

You can find information on the access card in the recipient's settings, and see whether he sees or not. The easiest way is to find out if the card is installed correctly, take it out and put your eyes back in without the TV screen and see what information the recipient is giving us.

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If the card is not properly inserted, it will notify us of the error. If true, provides information about encryption / was this a problem? Everything is fixed, wonderful. Or does it still show nothing? Bad, go ahead.I know situations when customers are thrown into a perfect place where they are looking for their customers. I'm sure this is not your choice. And you still need to make sure the money is in the account.

This can be done quickly, and every operator has an online service.

The balance on the telecom account can be verified on the blog,

Or call the employer's technical support. The telecom card is free - 8-800-100-104-7 Be ready to tell the operator your destination card number.

However, the system provides everything separately without having to connect to the operator. You just need to listen carefully to the answering machine and press the scheduled numbers on the phone.

A more convenient option is to verify your registration in your account. We read how to create the task for five minutes.

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As a result, we filtered and we did:

The mark has reached the recipient, we believe in this,

  • Displays open TV channels (marked with a dollar sign).
  • The recipient will see the card.
  • There is money in the account;
  • The receiver is rebooted (without turning off the remote, but removing it from the socket, turning it on for a minute and waiting 10-15 minutes).

But, telecom doesn't show up yet. This cannot be - I am as the doctor says. Check all points again.Why not see free channels on telecom?

Sometimes customers call me and tell me that they don't show free sites on their phone. They say something like this: We have a phone card in the country, they don't need many channels, they don't have time to watch, they don't pay money, they don't show their free channels, they just turn it off.

The reality is that telecards are not free at the time of publication. There are certain numbers on the satellite that are not included in the community domain. They show it without cash and with no access card.

But as a rule, customers speak to major federal entities - Channel One, Russia 1, NV, etc.

Previously, the money on the account had been disconnected for six months.

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