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How Earth is getting affected by industrialization?

Author: Sourajit Chatterjee
by Sourajit Chatterjee
Posted: Feb 12, 2020
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The industrialization has been played an important role in the development and economic growth of the countries. On the other hand, it has also played a vital role in destroying the environment. The harmful contaminants that emit from various industries have polluted and even continuously polluting the air, water, land, etc.

Before the industrial revolution, our environment was a healthy place to breathe in fresh air but after the industrial revolution, everything changed to a darker side. Apart from all the facilities and services for mankind, industrialization has become a curse for the environment. Let’s understand in detail -

How industrialization has affected our environment?

Pollution through industrialization

Pollution is one of the major effects of industrialization. The industrial revolution has contributed to all kinds of pollutions whether it is air pollution, water pollution or land pollution.

The huge amount of pollutants in the form of gases are getting released in the atmosphere from different factories. The emission of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, etc. eventually is causing various health issues to us. Air pollution is one of the major causes of climate change, global warming, greenhouse effects, etc.

When harmful toxins and chemical gets its way into the land, it causes land pollution. Land pollution is mainly caused by oil refineries, pipelines transporting gas, garages, coating factories, oil depots, metal treatments, etc. When the pollutants from these factories mixed with soil, it reduces the quality of the soil which ultimately affects the productivity of plants and trees.

Many factories dump their waste into seas and oceans that are highly affecting the aquatic ecosystem. Due to waste disposal, the quality of water is degrading day by day. Due to poor quality water, the water animals are dying unfortunate death.

Industrialization is also causing noise pollution in the environment. The equipment and machines installed in different factories make an extremely loud noise. The long term exposure to the equipment generating heavy noise is spoiling the physical & mental health of the people working in these factories.

Wastewater through industrialization

There are numerous sources of untreated water such as treatment plants, industrial outlets, sewers, etc. These plants and factories discharge the untreated water on surface water which may seriously affect the environment in different ways.

For example - it may affect groundwater under the Earth's surface, may reduce the agricultural processes, and lowers the quality of treated water and much more.

Solid wastes through industrialization

Solid wastes from various factories are also dumped in water and land. This improper dumping again affects the water ecology and the quality of the soil.

These factories should also follow the 3Rs i.e. recycle, refuse and reuse to save nature. After all, it is our responsibility to control what we have damaged.

Asbestos and other harmful chemicals

Asbestos based products release a huge amount of asbestos fibers in the atmosphere while disintegration state. Asbestos is very hazardous for the health of humans and animals as well. It can cause respiratory health issues and in some serious cases, it may also cause lung damage.


Industrialization demands a large number of manpower to work in various factories and industries. This is why people started moving to cities from rural areas to earn money. As a result of this, the population of these areas slowly became higher that started putting pressure on the local environment.


The use of natural resources (raw material) has also been enhanced with the growing trends of industrialization worldwide. This is the reason, people have started cutting trees for wood, extracting fossils fuels, metals, etc. for industrial purposes.

These activities have disturbed the balance of the ecosystem affecting the natural cycles of nature.

The industrialization has done a lot for the betterment of human life. However, if we think from the environmental point of view, it has to pay a lot for the sake of industrialization.

Now, we should think about implementing some good solutions to save the environment. Maintaining proper balance is very important. For example- if we are cutting one tree, plant two or more trees to fulfil that loss. Use eco-friendly building materials. These small steps will make a huge difference in the environment.

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