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Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Bangalore | Shoulder replacement specialist in Bangalore

Author: Nataraj Hm
by Nataraj Hm
Posted: Feb 13, 2020

Dr. Nataraj H M provides the Best Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Bangalore and he is known as Shoulder replacement specialist in Bangalore, India. Contact us if your suffering from any shoulder problem.

Dr. Nataraj H M is one of the Best Shoulder Replacement Doctor/Surgeon in Bangalore with Over a Decade of Experience in Orthopedics and Shoulder Replacement.

Check out Below How Dr. Nataraj H M Describes about Shoulder Replacement Surgery’s expectations, Types of shoulder Replacement Surgeries, etc.

The joint where your upper arm connects to your body is a ball-and-socket joint. The bone in your upper arm, called the humerus, has a round end that fits into the curved structure on the outside of your shoulder blade.

Ligaments and tendons hold it together. Ligaments connect the bones, while tendons connect muscles to the bone. A layer of tissue called cartilage keeps the bones apart, so they don't rub against each other.

The ball and socket let you move your arm up and down, back and forward, or in a circle.

Why You'd Need It Replaced

You may have to have it done if you have a condition that makes it painful and hard to use your arm, such as:

Your doctor will probably try to treat you with drugs or physical therapy first. If those don’t work, he may recommend surgery.

Shoulder replacement surgery is less common than hip or knee replacements. But more than 50,000 shoulder replacements are done in the India each year.

Types of Shoulder Replacement and Resufacing Options

Total shoulder replacement: Sometimes called traditional shoulder replacement or traditional shoulder arthroplasty, this surgery replaces the original ball-and-socket surfaces of the shoulder with similarly shaped prosthetics. Total shoulder replacement is considered the most reliable surgical option for relieving debilitating shoulder arthritis, but it is not appropriate for people who want to remain very active or have damaged rotator cuff muscles.

Partial shoulder replacement: During a partial shoulder replacement, or shoulder hemiarthroplasty, the arm's humeral head is removed and replaced with a prosthetic ball but the natural socket, or glenoid bone, is kept.

Reverse shoulder replacement: During reverse shoulder replacement the surgeon switches, or reverses, the positions of the shoulder joint's ball and socket. The ball at the top of the humerus (upper arm bone) is replaced with a socket-shaped prosthetic, while the shoulder's natural socket is fitted with a prosthetic ball. This surgery is an option for people whose damaged rotator cuffs make them ineligible for traditional shoulder replacement. It changes the center of rotation of the joint, enabling other muscles to compensate for a lack of rotator cuff function.

Shoulder Resurfacing (resurfacing hemiarthroplasty)

During this surgery the damaged humeral head is fitted with a smooth rounded cap to facilitate better joint movement. Unlike a stemmed hemiarthroplasty, shoulder resurfacing does not require the complete removal of the natural humeral head nor the insertion of a prosthetic humeral stem.Read More
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Dr. Nataraj H M is #1 Orthopedic Doctor in Bangalore. He is the Best Shoulder, Knee and Sports Medicine Doctor with 11 Years Experience. Orthopedic Doctor in Sakra World Hospital Bangalore.

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