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Digital Signage Content Ideas and Tips

Author: Carol Sobers
by Carol Sobers
Posted: Feb 14, 2020

Digitalization is emerging to play a crucial role in every segment. With the introduction of digital signage displays, the marketing world has recognized its power in user engagement and communication.

The visual and dynamic elements are essential to grab the attention of the customers, but the content displayed on the screen is the actual secret behind the scenes. The content should be either informative or entertaining to keep the audience engaged.

For every industry, there are different content ideas to indulge the audience.

In this article, you will be reading about the types of content classified according to suitable industries.

Content Ideas for All Industries

Firstly, let’s explore the contents which can be used by a brand in any industry to engage customers through a digital signage display.

Inspirational Quotes

Let it be a gym, office, or a college, positivity and motivation are what people need to get ahead. By displaying motivational quotes on digital signage, the students or employees can get a positive vibe and morale boost.

Keep changing the quotes from time to time, so that the audience is not viewing the same quote for a longer time. Make sure to display dynamic content with lots of variety to keep up the morale.

Promotional Content

Promotional content can be displayed on the digital signages in the industries of retails, hospitality, and many other sectors as well. It is the best possible way to communicate with the customers visiting the store. Display the information regarding the offer codes and the tips on participating in the promotional campaign.

You can also display the photos of the previous winner of past campaigns. This can excite the viewers’ minds and encourages them to participate. The combination of visuals, audio, and text can help attract customers and boost engagement.

Social Wall

One of the most effective contents a brand can display in their digital signage is to build a social wall. It displays the user-generated content from multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other channels to aggregate them to make a creative wall.

It helps engage the audience as you display your social media presence. The genuine UGC displayed on the social wall builds social trust. You can take the content as a direct recommendation from loyal customers who is happy with the products or services of your brand.

Popular UGC platforms like Taggbox and SociableKIT filter the irrelevant content out to keep the feed clean and relevant. Their integrated analytics feature lets you keep a track of the event engagement with your posts on social media.


A digital signage screen is a better and convenient option for displaying as a directory board. With a common display, it becomes accessible and available with ease. The digital directory board can be useful at firms in hospitality, real estate, and educational industries.

It would be informative to anyone visiting the place. A new person in the town will be able to know the important contacts to be kept in mind. At hotels and resorts, displaying maps and local attractions helps the visitor to realize what is not to be missed in the city.

Menu Cards

Why not a digital menu card? The digital signage display can present the menu card conveniently at coffee shops and restaurants. Add some comic elements along with the menu to make it interesting.

Photographs of your special dishes and mouth-watering delicacies can also be presented on the screens. You can also display recipes for particular dishes and their specialties. Maybe, the history of the cuisine would add some information and make it animated for an entertaining essence.

Team Photos/ Activities

Waiting lounges at offices are mostly boring. The traditional style of racking up magazines is not any more interesting now. Equip your waiting lounges with a digital signage screen to display a slideshow of your team’s photographs while at work, celebrations, and activities.

It would excite the candidates who are coming for the interview and clients coming for meetings. Letting people know fun and activities are a part of your culture will give a positive vibe. It can also include the video clips of your employees and their experiences at the workplace.

The Decision is on You…

With these ideas to create content for the digital signage display, you can surely keep your viewers engaged. The choice depends on the industry in which your brand serves, but the social media wall is a common idea for almost every sector. Make use of the user-submitted posts, photos, tweets, and videos, to archive an aggregated, real-time feed with the experienced social media aggregators.

With not just viewer engagement as an advantage, but it helps boost the revenue ad retention rate of your business. Build your brand’s reputation with your happy customers on the social wall!

About the Author

Carol is a social media marketer who loves to write anything and everything about it. Follow her write ups here and know everything related to social media marketing.

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Author: Carol Sobers

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