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Different types of organic fertilizers

Author: Umer Adnan
by Umer Adnan
Posted: Feb 13, 2020
organic fertilizers

Everyone is well aware of the fertilizers and its use because these are a certain type of chemicals that are used to make your crop grow more and grow better (in terms of quality) to increase your production by providing nutrition to the plants and by making it more immune to the diseases.

Organic and inorganic fertilizers:

There are a number of fertilizers being produced and sold in the market and are used in the crops by farmers. These chemicals are derived from the organic or the inorganic sources; fertilizers these days that are used in the crops are mostly derived from the inorganic sources as the production of such fertilizer are much or easy and cost less but on the other hand Organic fertilizers and mostly plant-based and cost more than the inorganic fertilizers. But there are pros and cons of both of these types of fertilizers which one should keep in mind and make a decision accordingly which one to use and which one to avoid.

Inorganic fertilizers will surely cost you less money and will effect promptly on crop but as these fertilizers are derived from the inorganic sources means these are just chemicals that promote crop’s growth so there are more chances that these fertilizers’ half-life is more and they will persist more in soil and such type of fertilizers have adverse effects on the soil, plants and for humans as well.

When we talk about Organic fertilizers or products derived from such sources then we should keep in mind that these fertilizers are effective on soil and plants but their effects are apparent after a long time, they are less persistent in soil and have less to no adverse effect on human health. So, here we will refrain our the discussion just too different types of organic fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers are mostly the derivatives of feces of the animals including human excretory material crop residue and Minerals.

Animal sources:

We animals are all organic which means everything of an animal can be used as fertilizer. Agricultural fertilizers like blood meal, bone meal, fish meal, and feather meal are mostly derived from the animals which are slaughtered. Chicken litter is also used as an organic fertilizer that can be used for soil conditioning instead of using some synthetic fertilizer.

Plant sources:

Decomposing crop or crop residue is the best source of plant that can use and fertilizer as these sources contain carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen as a mineral that is required by the plants for optimal growth. There are some species of plants that have nodules in their root which provides shelter to the bacteria and in turn bacteria help them fixing nitrogen which increases soil fertility; some species of alga have a symbiotic relationship with plants so they also help them to do the same.

Apart from these two main sources there are a multitude of things that are used as organic fertilizers to derive products from and as fertilizers themselves, these sources include Fish emulsion, manure, rock dust, wood chips, sawdust, ash, etc. one can choose from mentioned sources as an organic fertilizer and can consider buying products derived from these or products which are commercially prepared and are available in markets.

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