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The Top 5 Foods For Ketogenic Diet Ultimate Guide

Author: Self Story
by Self Story
Posted: Feb 17, 2020
ketogenic diet

What is the hack of the ketogenic diet?

Does a Ketogenic diet is good for weight loss and diseases? The answer is yes, studies have found that it’s good for your health. It helps to lose weight quickly. Research has shown that a keto diet is very effective for diseases like Diabetes as well as it works for "Childhood Epilepsy".

Yeah! You heard right! It works, It is proven and it’s an evidence-based science. It increases our brain activity levels. It doesn’t matter what you used to eat before. If you follow the ketogenic diet then it will help you. Pretty cool, right?

There are hundreds of foods suitable for the keto diet. That’s what, I am sharing with you Top 5 Ketogenic diet foods that may work for you. Pretty Cool, Right!


The egg is really pretty good for a keto diet. It has low carbs, Egg white has a high-quality protein, and doesn’t have much fat.

Do you know? Eggs yolks contain thirteen elements among them vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B are important.

The minerals egg yolk has the eye-protecting antioxidants. In addition, Eating eggs helps to promote a feeling of fullness. Now we know that it can actually reduce the risk of heart diseases. We can add up the eggs in our breakfast as well as it’s super easy and quick to have it.

Olives and Olive Oil:

If you want to keep your heart healthy than Olive and Olive’s oil Is good food for you.

That’s food keeps heart healthy and it has Antioxidants as well as Anti-inflammatory Compounds. A-One Olive serving contains two grams of total carbs. You can eat this easily, One of the healthiest oils for deep frying at high temperatures as well as baking cooking.

High Fat Dairy:

So it is good for everybody, some study tells and suggested that high fat actually reduce the risk of heart attack, stock as well.

Because High-fat dairy has Contains proper protein, Vitamins as well as minerals. Some doctors called it has " Conjugated linoleic acid" which is one of the several fatty acids that help for fat loss.


Though Without being low carbs as well as high fat protein, meat contains nutrients that are not found in plants.

Shellfish and fish contain anti-inflammatory omega 3s that are attached to our mental health. It helps to improve brain tactics. In addition, it decreased the risk of several diseases.

Shellfish has a good amount of iron that the body needs. If in bodies haven’t stay minimum of iron then it’s creating lots of problems in chief growth and development. That’s is why Shellfish is so much important for mental health and bodies.

Dark Chocolate:

Scientifically speaking about it, Dark real chocolate is not the sinful treat it is often made out to be. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants as well as flavors which helps decrease blood pressure, heart diseases related risk.

Just you need to make sure that there are no sugars as well as the minimum amount of carbs.


There are top 5 foods for the ketogenic diet. you can start from the beginning. There is so much food for the keto diet. So, You can easily start your beginning journey with the ketogenic diet. I have shared the top 5 ketogenic diet foods.

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