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Use facebook to get targeted traffic

Author: Igfollowers UK
by Igfollowers UK
Posted: Feb 18, 2020
targeted traffic

As an affiliate marketer or as a person who runs his own online business, you know how important internet marketing is for your success. Before you can earn even one euro at all, you must have successful marketing and interested customers. Remember: If you want customers, you need targeted traffic for your website.

What does "targeted traffic" mean?

If this Anglicism is incomprehensible to you, here is a brief explanation of what targeted traffic is. Suppose you have a website that sells e-books. You can now buy visitors from various providers for little money. There are vendors that send 100,000 Chinese visitors to your site for a double-digit dollar amount. How many of your UK e-books will you sell? Most likely none. The traffic (visitor flow) that they receive is largely untargeted (not targeted). Your visitors are on your side for various reasons, but none of them is that they want to buy UK e-books. Targeted traffic, on the other hand, would consist of visitors who e.g. B. have searched for an ebook shop on Google because you want to buy ebooks. The goal, with which the visitors are on the net fits your product. Your product is the answer to the search query of the visitors to Google.

Methods to generate targeted traffic

There are several ways to get targeted traffic. For example, you can write articles about your products or services and post them in article directories. Well done, this is a great way to not only market your website, but also the products and services you sell. But what if you don't have a knack for writing but are good at dealing with people? If you are good at convincing and engaging people, you should join social networks. The biggest and best known at least in the western world is Facebook. Over 400 million people are already signed in to Facebook and millions of people log into their Facebook account every day. With so many people, Facebook is indeed every internet marketer's dream. When you log in to Facebook, you can create your own profile page. Fill out your profile as much as possible. On this page, you basically reveal everything about yourself and the reasons why other people should like you. It includes your interests, your age, your gender, your political views and much more. If you have friends who are already registered and active on Facebook, you can add them to your network. You can also not yet invite friends who are not active on Facebook via email to register and join your Facebook friends. By building up a friend list on Facebook, you have the opportunity to extend your network to their friends and friends of their friends. So you can communicate with other people and build new contacts or even friendships, which is a great way to start your own marketing on Facebook. Don't just sign up and peddle your products, services or website. That doesn't work these days. You first have to establish yourself as a person on Facebook. Present your face to the community and then your product, not the other way around.


Once you have spent a while with Facebook and become familiar with the functionality of the page, you will come across the so-called groups, These are associations of people who, in the broadest sense of the word, share an interest or a view. Find and join groups related to your product. Ideally, of course, are groups of people who are particularly interested in what you offer. In a group you can discuss with their members and step by step you can indirectly advertise your product or service. But keep in mind that you must first establish yourself in a group and build closer connections with its members in order to gain their trust and be able to advertise effectively.

News Feed

There are various communication tools that you can use within Facebook. You can use the news feed and even connect your blog directly to your Facebook profile page via RSS. The "What are you doing right now?" Field, where you can share thoughts, messages, photos, links, and videos with other people in your friends list, is a powerful tool to market yourself and your product. You can also write on the wall of your friends and comment on your messages. The comment function, in particular, is often underestimated. In this way, you enter into a direct interaction and show that you are interested in other people and do not simply make statements out of nowhere.

The nice thing about the whole thing is that you don't have to invest a single cent to use Facebook. It's completely free and all you have to invest to use it effectively is your time. Of course, it will take a while to build up a list of friends who trust you and who see your advertising not as a purely commercial-inspired advertisement, but as a good tip from a friend. With the sheer number of members, Facebook has incredible potential for internet marketers if you know how to use it properly.

Please act carefully

Please always make sure that your contributions are relevant. If you post unstoppable marketing messages, you will definitely get protests. In such cases, you'd better create a Facebook fan page for your company.

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