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Five Whiteboard Designs for Collaborative Learning & Work Spaces

Author: Rose Cruz
by Rose Cruz
Posted: Feb 21, 2020
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The 21st century is an age of many transformations in education and workplace practices. From being focused on individual work, many institutions and companies now encourage more cooperation, collaboration, and team-designed output and outcomes.

Because of this, it follows that schools and workspaces must allow for better flexibility in order to encourage collaboration. One way to achieve this is by using innovative furniture and equipment that groups can use as the members work together on a task.

Whiteboards are classic yet innovative pieces of furniture that help teams think and plan together. However, not all whiteboards are the same. Below are five whiteboard designs that you can consider for your classroom or workplace.

Mobile Whiteboard

Built with casters, a mobile whiteboard is great for places that don’t have an area on which a board can be mounted. It’s also ideal for offices that do not have a meeting or conference area; the mobile board can be used during meetings and kept during regular workdays.

Mobile whiteboards come in different sizes, so users can pick that which works well for their space. Most whiteboards also have built-in trays for markers and erasers for better organization.

Magnetic Whiteboard

This type is one of the most popular whiteboard designs, particularly because of its magnetic surface. This magnetic feature allows users to pin visual aids with the use of magnetic pins, making it easier for them to present visual information like printed photos, diagrams, or announcements.

Magnetic whiteboards are either mobile or wall-mounted. Some mobile designs are also double-sided, thereby providing greater surface area for users to write on.

Collaboration Station Whiteboard

A collaboration station whiteboard is portable and foldable. Some designs are made with four attachable small boards, while others have one primary board plus small boards on the sides.

This type of board is great for classrooms and offices. The small boards offer space for reminders or additional notes while the big board is great for writing down lessons, ideas, or plans.

Calendar Whiteboard

Workplaces operate according to a schedule and a set of tasks and deliverables. To keep track of important tasks that must be done, workers can use a calendar whiteboard that shows all the days of the month and on which they can plot their schedule.

This type of whiteboard has ready-made calendar grids. With that, users will only have to write the days of the month and note down the tasks they need to act on.

Wall-Mounted Glass Board

Stylish and ultra-functional, a glass board is made with tempered glass that is also magnetic and ghosting-resistant. It’s great for offices aiming for a contemporary design, and its quality is even better than most ordinary whiteboards.

Although made with glass, a glass board is tough and durable. It is also frameless, giving it a seamless look that’s perfect for keeping or enhancing an area’s aesthetics.

Did you find a whiteboard that suits your needs? Check out Engineer Warehouse today for more information about whiteboards and other furniture pieces for your classroom or office.

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